Happy New Year, 2018’s Most Popular Posts!

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Happy New Year, friends! I always love writing these year end wrap-up posts. It’s so fun to look back and see what worked (and what didn’t).

And it’s fun to take a minute to thank you all for supporting me. This is the most fun job EVER, and I couldn’t do it without you. 

This year brought some soul searching, some business clarity, some growth (yay!) and lots and lots of crafting and knitting. For about half a second I went through a crisis where I felt like maybe I should be shifting my focus and cranking out things that I thought you guys would like rather than what I wanted to make. 

But as life has a tendency to do, I saw over and over again that I definitely can’t predict what you all are going to like (I mean, I’m pretty good, but still, it’s often a surprise!)/ Working on things I enjoy is what got me this far, I probably shouldn’t change what I’m doing! 

So, anyway, I thought we’d take a quick look and see what your favorite posts of 2018 really are. AND then I’m going to see which NEW knitting patterns you liked. Scroll down to the bottom for those. And even if you think you’ve seen everything, take a look, you might have missed something!

Top 10 Little Red Window Posts of 2018 

10. Rainbow Baby Hat knitting pattern

9. 20 Amazing Crafts to Keep Life Organized 


8. Little Lamb Hat knitting pattern


7. Basic Easy Baby Hat knitting pattern

6. DIY Cardboard Mailbox

5. 20 DIY Wallets and Cardholders

4. Pretty Kitty Cat Hat knitting pattern

3. Knit Bow Baby Hat knitting pattern

2. How to Preserve Chalkboard Drawings 

1.  The Best Yarns for Knitting and Crochet Projects for Babies 

Because of the way the internet works, most of these are older posts. Social Media has changed so much that it takes a loooong time for new content to build up steam. That doesn’t mean new posts flop, they just can’t possibly compare to older tried and tested posts! 

I also wanted to share which new knitting patterns I came out with this year that you liked the most. If you can believe it, I published 54 new knitting patterns this year. That’s a little crazy. Can I break that record next year? I don’t know! I have quite a few new non-hat things in the works, which take longer to knit, so it’ll be tough, but hang in there with me! 

In the meantime, here are the NEW knitting patterns that you liked the most:Your 10 most popular NEW knitting patterns from Little Red Window!


Top 10 NEW knitting patterns of 2018 

10. Blue Whale Hat knitting pattern

9. Easy Seed Stitch Hat knitting pattern

8. Baby Elephant Hat knitting pattern

7. Snowman Hat knitting pattern

6. Slouchy Baby Hat knitting pattern

5. Easy Striped Baby Hat knitting pattern

4. Easy Double Brim Hat knitting pattern

3. Easy Knit Flat Baby Hat knitting pattern

2. Easy Folded Brim Hat knitting pattern

1. Basic Easy Baby Hat knitting pattern

(Want to see which knitting supplies I use to make these cute hats? Here are my favorites!)

Notice a trend?? Ha! You guys REALLY liked my Back to Basics series of easy knitting patterns. That’s great! I can add some more! 

Anyway, that’s it, thanks for sticking around, friends! Happy New Year to all of you, can’t wait to share more fun, joyful crafts and knitting with you in 2019!

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