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Welcome to Little Red Window! I’m Cassie and I’m a former architect with degrees in architecture, preservation, art and art history who’s never met a craft I didn’t like (ok, maybe lanyards… Β πŸ˜‰Β  I have been painting furniture for almost twenty years, taught myself to knit and crochet from a book and have a special fondness for making things out of recycled cardboard. And when I’m not chasing after my kindergardener or nursing the baby, I’m sewing or crafting something, trying new vegetarian recipes or reading lots and lots of books. You can find my creations, tips, discoveries, and more on my Blog, Etsy shop, and on Facebook and Instagram. Β If you have a question or just want to say hi, email me at littleredwindow@hotmail.com.

I’m always happy to be featured by other bloggers, please use only 1 or 2 photos (as long as they are not cropped) and include a proper link back to my original post.Β  Go ahead, take a peek!



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  1. I love looking at your website and all the projects! Isnt there a way I can save the directions for the projects I want to try? I like to have a printed copy to work from… a PDF or some version I could print and save on my computer to print out when I was ready to work on it?? Please advise. I tried using your “email me” link but it fails to connect.

      1. for Marcia Blum…….I also like to copy instructions and/or recipes (with photo) for future use. You can do the “cut and paste” method or purchase a “capture” program. ALWAYS copy the author and all of their info as to copyrights, etc.

        Saving instructions by the above methods saves me a lot of time plus I get inspired when I see the project later in my files. When someone has an architectural degree, you KNOW they’re gonna have wonderfully detailed instructions.

        Tavette – S. Fla.

  2. I would love to talk to you!! My family collects early Texas art and I pretty much grew up in museums. I minored in art but I have my degrees in Piano Performance and Music Ed. I love painting furniture too! πŸ˜‰ So glad to have you in the “blogsphere.”

  3. Hi Cassie!
    I am an admirer of your Thomas the Train costume via Pinterest. My daughter ADORES Thomas and we are hoping to surprise her with a Thomas the Train costume for Halloween. I wanted to use your template, only modify it a bit so we can affix it to her stroller (so she can ride in it while trick-or-treating). Any ideas of how to do this (I am not talented in the way of visual arts and crafts, so am trying to brainstorm with my husband on how to make it work :)) We’d like to build it so that it frames the stroller and she can peek out the “window/s” as we walk her around the neighborhood. Wondering if your brilliant, creative mind has any thoughts?
    Thanks so much for sharing your handiwork- you make such creative things!

    1. Hm, well you’d want to have a bigger box, obviously. And mine is only open underneath enough for my son to fit through, you’d want to leave the entire bottom open to fit down around the stroller. And for a stroller, it probably makes more sense to have the top open towards the back of the train, instead of towards the front, like mine is. Do you know what I’m saying? So she’d be sitting back in the part where I have a little roof? I would also consider making the back of the train maybe hinged or removable somehow, maybe with velcro, so you can more easily put it on and off the stroller–instead of having to slide it down over the handles. Because I think we all know, small children change their minds all the time! O was “on, off, on, off” all day with this costume! πŸ˜‰ Is that helpful? I would LOVE to see a picture when you’re done!!! xo!

  4. Good morning – I am looking for someone capable of created between 5-25 black, cardboard mail boxes. We have a client that would like to brand these with their logo. If you are unable to do the branding then we would request the products be produced blank and then we could add that in later.

    Just throwing it out there to see what you are capable of. Please feel free to call me at 802-864-9075 to discuss further.

    Jeff McLaughlin

  5. Hi, I am going to start making the puppy dog hat for my 20 month old grandson today but was not sure how to make the pattern a little smaller since it is for a 2 to 3 year old child, can you help me? Thanks, Grammy Barb

    1. Hi Barb! You can size the pattern up or down by adding or subtracting groups of 8 stitches emergency you cast on (so subtract 8 or 16 or 24 etc.) how many for a 20 month old would depend on your yarn and the size of his head so you will have to experiment a little. Either way just knit the ears as written! Good luck!

    1. Hi Carole! I’ve added you to the mailing list. You should get your first email on friday. Be sure to check your junk or spam folder if you don’t see it!

  6. Hi Cassie,

    I really love you Thomas costume project and I’m making one for my son. He really loves Thomas too. I have one thing would like to ask, what did you use to cover paper marche (the face part)?. I would highly appreciate your reply.

    Thank you,

  7. I made the play mailbox today, using a glue gun for the first time. The mailbox looks great! My problem is I’m having a hard time finding where online to find a site to print out the post office logo. I can’t find a site where I can isolate the logo & get it the size I want it for the mailbox & was hoping to give the mailbox as a gift tomorrow (Mon. 2/1/16

    1. Hi there! I honestly don’t remember where I found it. I thought I just googled usps logo but I may have traced it myself using adobe illustrator, unfortunately I don’t remember. If you don’t have access to a program like that, what I would recommend is printing whatever one you can find, blown up to the right size and then tracing it by hand with markers. I wish I still had the files, I’m sorry! Another idea would be see if you can grab a usps box or envelope from your local post office with a logo you could cut out?

  8. I really appreciate your quik reply. I did manage to get the logo printed out exactly as I want it. I’m on my way to Hodge Podge the thing right now, onto the mailbox.
    I’m a Nanny & the 2 1/2 yr., I care for, loves mail & the mailman & put cards etc. into any dresser drawer, kitchen drawer slot he can. I thought he’d just love the mailbox. I’ll have it for him tomorrow.
    It’s an adorable idea, easy to follow – & I used the box his diapers come in to make the box.
    Yup, he’s not potty trained yet, but we’re workin’ on it.
    : ) many times. Liza

  9. Hi there,
    I’m making the little lamb hat and have a question.
    I’m starting the first white ear and the instructions say to cast on 7 stitches but the following rows only knit 5 – what am I suppose to do with the two extra stitches?

  10. Dear Cassie!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with the world! I got so excited when I read you are a former architect because it resonates a lot with me. I am extremely glad that you continue to use your boundless creativity to make the world a more adorable place!!

  11. Hey Cassie,
    I suddenly came across your blog while looking for some inspiration for a project. I must say your DIY’s and other craft ideas are so fun to do..i have already made a few clay dishes and a thrift store vase. This blog is one of my favorites!!! keep of your good work.lots of love πŸ˜€

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