20 DIY Wallets and Cardholders

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These DIY Wallets and Cardholders will help you get and stay organized in style!

20 DIY Wallets and Cardholders to keep you organized! | littleredwindow.com One of the first handmade things I ever bought at a craft fair was a hand sewn wallet. This was probably 7 or 8 years ago when Etsy was just getting started and handmade was becoming cool. And I loooved that wallet.

The shop I bought it from, which is now out of business, also sold a printed pattern to make your own and that was one of the first sewing patterns I owned also. It was surprisingly easy to make and it felt to amazing to make something that got used every single day, usually multiple times.

You know, it’s nice to make a quilt or a piece of clothing too, but when it’s something you use constantly is so much fun. You get that little “I made that!” glow every time you take it out which can really brighten up a day.

So today I found you 20 awesome DIY wallets and cardholder patterns (all free!) so you can give it a try yourself.

And hey, I know “save more money” is on all of our New Year’s Resolutions lists, having a cute wallet will remind you! Please click through and pin these DIY wallets from the original sources!

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