15 Easy Quilts for Beginners

So how many of you have tried quilting? I’ve made a handful of quilts, never larger than throw size and while I like it, I know I still have a LOT to learn. I am by no means an expert. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make some beautiful quilts with simple techniques! If the method is easy that gives you more time to focus on color and composition which can be the most fun part anyway. Because seriously I hate cutting little fiddly pieces of fabric out. Snooze. So today I have an amazing collection of 15 Easy Quilts for Beginners. They’re simple enough to manage if you’re just starting out but they don’t scream “beginner!”

15 Easy Quilts for Beginners | littleredwindow.com

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20 Fabulous DIY Dining Chair Makeovers

So Aa and I keep going back and forth about what we should do with our dining room chairs. Right now we have an odd assortment of mismatched chairs, two we picked up in a parking lot and one the previous owners left in the garage (and a random folding chair, need to replace that). They’re all in need of a little love but we both kind of like the mismatched chair look. As long as there is some unifying feature like color.ย ย And aside from the fact that they don’t match, they’re all sturdy solid wood chairs. But then again, we’ve never bought nice matching dining room chairs and that seems like something grownups do, right? But on the other hand again, do we really want super nice chairs when we have small children? Probably not. So I think we’re leaning towards picking up another cheap random chair and re-doing them so they go together. Today I’m sharing some of my inspiration as I try and figure out my plan. Enjoy!

20 Fabulous DIY Dining Chair Makeovers | littleredwindow.com

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20 Pretty Fall Leaf Crafts

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. I love the colors and the cool temps and the excuse to drink cider and have bonfires. Of course this fall I’ve been a little busy with a new baby so we won’t be doing quite as many of those things, but I can still look out my window or go for walks and enjoy the foliage! And even better, I can be inspired by these gorgeous Fall Leaf Crafts I found to share with you. Bring a little bit of the magic of fall inside!

20 Pretty Fall Leaf Crafts | littleredwindow.com

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20 Gorgeous DIY Lampshades

I’m pretty picky when it comes to most things in our house. But lampshades are one of those things I’ve never really paid a ton of attention to. I mean, besides if it’s roughly the right size and shape for the base. I didn’t notice them, that is, UNTIL then I ended up with a lampshade I hate. And now all of a sudden, lampshades seem much more important. And this shade is not even that bad. But I bought this awesome mercury glass lamp base. I brought it home from the store with a white shade and it just didn’t look right because of the warm undertones in the glass. So I sent my husband back to the store to exchange it with the off-white version of the same shade. We unwrapped it, put it on and it looked fine. Until we turned it on and it was so much more yellow than I was expecting. And also it had some weird stitching inside that you couldn’t see when the lamp is off but was super obvious when it’s on. But we unwrapped it and threw out the receipt and so I’ve been stuck with this lampshade I hate. So today I was looking for inspiration on ways I could maybe make it over. And I found some amazing projects! Enjoy!

20 Gorgeous DIY Lampshades | littleredwindow.com

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20 Distinctive DIY Accent Walls

So one thing I have never really attempted in my DIY life is an accent wall. But I kind of really want to try one. In our last place I knew we wouldn’t be there long enough to make it worth the time and effort (and then potentially have to undo it) but I think in this house I could totally do it. So while I was looking for inspiration for myself, I found these 15 Distinctive and Beautiful Accent Walls to share! I hope they inspire you too!

20 Gorgeous and Distinctive DIY Accent Walls | littleredwindow.com

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