20 Awesome Metallic Crafts

Metallics are SO hot right now and I’m fully on board. But not in a Liberace or Versailles overkill kind of way. They make a nice accent for your home or your outfit. I’m also super impressed with people who manage to successfully mix metals. It can look so great if you do it right! So today I’ve found you 20 Awesome Metallic Crafts to glam up your life! Enjoy!

20 Awesome Metallic Crafts That Shine!  | littleredwindow.com

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20 Easy & Creative DIY Wall Art Projects

So our new(ish) house isn’t that much bigger than our old place in terms of square footage. But it definitely has more rooms and therefore a lot more wall space to fill. I’m a bit of an art hoarder so it hasn’t been too much of a problem for me, but if you’ve looked in despair at your empty blank walls, I have a whole bunch of awesome ideas for you! Check out these Easy & Beautiful DIY Wall Art Projects! (and hey, go here if want to learn more about painting or drawing on your own!)

20 Easy & Creative DIY Wall Art Projects  | littleredwindow.com

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15 Creative DIY Shelves

Two of our bathrooms are long and narrow with no room for much storage and nowhere to really keep things like extra rolls of toilet paper or a box of tissues. So I went looking for shelving ideas that I could tailor to fit into small or difficult spaces and was so surprised at some of the creative ideas out there! I got so excited that I had to share some of the coolest ones with you!

20 Creative DIY Shelves | littleredwindow.com

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20 Easy Concrete DIY & Craft Projects

Awesome DIY & craft projects you can make out of concrete!20 Easy Concrete DIY & Craft Projects  |  littleredwindow.com Now wait, before you skip reading this post because concrete seems like it would be too hard to work with or too messy or you think it requires mixing giant batches in a wheelbarrow, I promise, you don’t have to do any of that! We used to use concrete that we bought at the hardware store in a small box to make architectural models all the time. I would cast things smaller than 6″ square. And you could do it with a disposable plastic cup filled with some water from the studio drinking fountain. Piece of cake! So before you rule out concrete as a scary material, take a look at some of the amazing and awesome things these bloggers have made from it!

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20 Fun Back to School Crafts

Have I mentioned lately that I’m excited for back to school? It’s not that I don’t enjoy hanging out with O allllll day everyday, but if I’m completely honest, I think he gets kind of bored with just me. He loves school and playing with friends. So I feel like it’s really a good thing for him. And plus, I have just always been a big back to school fan. I love the special trip to the office supply stores for new supplies and the smell of new pencils. Ahhhh….  So anyway, to celebrate, today I’m bringing you some of the cutest back to school inspired crafts I can find!

20 Fun Back to School Crafts! | littleredwindow.comWant to go back to Crafting school? Sign up here for FREE mini classes!

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