How To Make an Easy Placemat Pillow

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Make this adorable & easy placemat pillow for Valentine’s Day, no need for a sewing machine, you won’t believe how simple it is! 

How to make an easy placemat pillow, no sewing machine necessary!

You guys, if you came here looking to learn how to make an easy placemat pillow, you’ve come to the right place. 

I grabbed the cutest little Valentine’s Day placemats in the dollar section at Target (but don’t worry, I linked to some alternate options below) and decided to turn them into the CUTEST placemat pillow ever. 

I especially love that this one came with a little heart pocket! I stuck a tiny Valentine’s note in there for O to find.Closeup of cute Valentine's Day placemat pillow!

The great thing about a placemat pillow is that all the decorating work is done for you. Find a cute print and bam, 80% of the project is done! No stencils, no vinyl, no painting….

I know, I really am a genius. You can tell me. 

I think I’m going to put this one on our couch for the month of February, I suspect the kids will get a kick out of being able to leave little notes in the pocket. But hey, if your placemat doesn’t already have a pocket, that would be SUPER easy to cute out of felt and sew on. Probably would only add another five minutes to this quick and easy project!

How To Make an Easy Placemat Pillow for Valentine’s Day

Placemat Pillow Supply List

Placemat Pillow Instructions

  1. Put your two placemats together wrong sides together. You may want to pin them as you get started.Use this adorable placemat to make a cute Valentine's Day pillow!
  2. Thread your needle with a length of embroidery thread and begin to stitch the placemats .together around the edge with a blanket stitch. Wondering how to do a blanket stitch?Supplies needed to make a placemat pillow! It's easy to sew a placemat pillowcase with a simple blanket stitch!
  3. Continue on around the pillow until you have stitched together one short side and halfway up two of the longer sides.
  4. Stuff your pillow form into the placemat pillowcase.Use a pillow form to make your easy placemat pillow nice and plump!
  5. Continue stitching up the rest of the way around the edges of the placemats to finish the pillow!

And that’s it! Enjoy your adorable and easy placemat pillow! 

How to make an easy placemat pillow, no sewing machine necessary!

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  1. Love your idea for easy pillow going to make one also will think about trying one for Easter too.
    Thanks for all your great thoughts and ideas.

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