Valentine’s Day Wall Art

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Make your own Valentine’s Day Wall Art that is totally customizable and you can reuse it all year round!

Cute DIY Valentine's Day Wall Art! |

Are we having Valentine’s Day overload yet? Or are you ready for some adorable Valentine’s Day Wall Art?! I hear ya, non Valentine lovers. I myself am not the hugest fan of the holiday. But I have a major weakness for all the pink and hearts and cute decorations. I blame growing up in the 80’s. And Care Bears. So while my kids are little at least, I will continue to decorate for it and enjoy being a little sappy. (Which reminds me, I’m in charge of planning the class Valentine’s Day party this year, I’ve got to get on that!) Anyway, this project is not the most complicated project ever. But it turned out super cute and the fun thing is, you could take off the Valentine’s Day sayings and use the frame all year round either with other holiday decorations or with photos! Wouldn’t that be fun? Here’s how to do it:

DIY Valentine’s Day Wall Art

Empty laser cut wood picture frame

Laser cut wood Valentine’s Day shapes and sayings (I got mine at Michaels but THESE would be sooo cute in this project!)

Acrylic craft paint in gold (this is my FAVORITE shade of gold) and several shades of pinks and reds


Mini clothespins

Hot glue gun
1. While I was in the store, I picked out my cute little Valentine’s Day shapes and laid them out inside the frame to make sure they would fit.
Cute DIY Valentine's Day Wall Art! |

2. Then I gave the front face of my frame two coats of gold paint. If you wanted this to go faster you could certainly spray paint your frame, but I decided I wanted to keep the dark laser cut edges of the wood so I did not.

3. I picked out an assortment of pink and red paints and painted each one of my cute Valentine’s Day shapes.Cute DIY Valentine's Day Wall Art! | Cute DIY Valentine's Day Wall Art! |

4. When everything was completely dry, I laid out everything again (except with the frame flipped with its unpainted back facing up) and marked where I wanted to attach the twine to hang the shapes.  Then I attached pieces of twine with hot glue. Make sure the twine is fairly taut so it doesn’t sag. Cute DIY Valentine's Day Wall Art! |

5. When the glue is set, flip your frame back over and hang the shapes on the twine with the mini clothespins. If you want, you can definitely paint the clothespins as well! Cute DIY Valentine's Day Wall Art! | Cute DIY Valentine's Day Wall Art! | Cute DIY Valentine's Day Wall Art! |

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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