DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray

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Make this adorable and easy DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray to display in your house or give as a gift this Valentine’s Day! 

Make this cute DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray, perfect for your home or makes a great gift!

I grabbed this cute little wooden heart shaped tray from the dollar section the other day. I love the light pink color it was already painted and I also love that that saves me a step!

You know I love efficiency. I decided I wanted to add some cute lettering to my DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray. But I really didn’t want to drag out my Silhouette. I love that thing but it definitely sometimes takes longer. Plus I was pretty sure I didn’t have the color of vinyl that I wanted.

And you know when the crafting bug hits, you have to start IMMEDIATELY. Am I right?DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray with hand painted script, so cute for Valentine's Day!

So anyway, I just love how this turned out and the hand painted lettering was really easy. Plus doing it this way you have endless options for colors and styles! And I find that kind of painting kind of soothing. So I enjoyed that too. 

Here’s what you need and how to get started on your own Valentine Pom Pom Tray!

DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray Supply List

DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray Instructions

  1. First, if your tray isn’t already painted on the outside, give it a couple coats in the color of your choosing. Mine was already pink so I skipped this step (yay!)Supplies needed to make a DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray!
  2. Then measure your tray and type out your Valentine’s Day message in a font that you like. Make sure the printed size will fit inside the tray. I used Photoshop for this but you can also use a free design program like Canva.
  3. Turn your printed letter over to the back side and using the side of your soft lead pencil. scribble all over the printed areas. Make sure you really really cover it well with graphite.How to transfer script writing with a pencil! How to transfer script writing with a pencil!
  4. Cut out the lettering to get rid of some of the extra paper and tape it right side up inside your tray wherever you want it.Learn how to transfer script writing to a wood tray!
  5. Now sharpen your pencil and use it to trace, with firm pressure, around all of the edges of the lettering. Make sure not to forget the insides of letters like ‘o’ and ‘e’! This will transfer the lettering design from the paper to the wood surface. Learn how to use a soft lead pencil to transfer a lettering design onto wood!
  6. When you are finished, your design will be transferred to the wood and you can begin filling it in with your acrylic craft paint and small paintbrush. Apply at least 2 coats. 
  7. When the paint is dry, erase any remaining pencil marks.Hand painted script lettering on our DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray!
  8. Finally, use a hot glue gun to glue tiny pom pom trim around the edges of the tray.Attach tiny pom pom trim to the edge of a heart shaped tray for Valentine's Day!

And that’s it! Enjoy (or gift) your adorable Valentine Pom Pom Tray!

Love this closeup of the light pink pom pom trim on our DIY Valentine Pom Pom Tray!

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