Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath

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Use some beautiful soft chunky yarn to make a gorgeous Christmas wreath!

Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath |

The other day, I took Baby V on her first trip to the craft store! Ok, maybe that’s not exciting to anyone but me. And maybe my friend Bre, who is right, I should make note in her baby book! But here’s some photographicc evidence…IMG_4486

Anyway, I was there specifically to get these giant reusable shopping totes they sell for super cheap. They’re the perfect size to hold the gifts I got for the foster kids we sponsor every Christmas.(We work with Kaleidoscope which is an awesome organization in Chicago, if you want more info, please let me know, they’re always looking for help!) Anyway, I planned to just buy the bags. But I hadn’t been to the craft store since before Baby V was born. She’s not a huge fan of being trapped in her carseat so I did a speed-walk trip around the store and just grabbed a few things that I couldn’t resist. Not the most wallet-friendly strategy, but it was kinda fun. Like supermarket sweep but for makers (someone should make that show)!  I passed some super chunky yarn and did a double take because it was soooo soft and squishy looking. I picked it up, assuming for the price, that it would actually be cheap and rough feeling but it wasn’t. It felt just as delicious as it looked and the idea of a soft chunky wreath popped in my head. (Apparently I have a thing for wreaths you can pet) Here’s how I did it…

Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath

Super chunky yarn

Styrofoam wreath form

White acrylic paint


Wood snowflake shapesChunky Yarn Christmas Wreath | Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath |

1. The wreath form I used was green so the first thing I did was paint it with a coat of white paint so no green would show between the yarn.Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath | littleredwindow.com2. When that was dry, I simply wound the super chunky yarn around the wreath form until it was covered. Everytime I wrap something in yarn or string or twine I swear that I will NEVER ever do it again because it takes a million hours longer than I think it will. However, I’m going to amend that statement to say I will never wrap with anything but super chunky yarn because it was quick and easy!Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath |

3. I had originally planned to somehow incorporate some red yarn also, but the white by itself looked so soft and snowy that I couldn’t bring myself to change it. So I added some cute wooden snowflake shapes and a red ribbon hanger (just tie a bow and attach it to a strip of ribbon with hot glue). And that was it! A beautiful squishy snowy wreath in about 15 minutes!Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath | Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath | Chunky Yarn Christmas Wreath |

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