Blueberry Crumble: a recipe in Instagrams

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Over the weekend, my friend Rebecca from Homemaker’s Habitat posted a picture on facebook of her family picking blueberries at a local farm.  O and I are huge blueberry fans and finding a food related activity that’s safe for us to do is pretty rare, so on Sunday we packed up the car and drove about 45 minutes to northern Indiana to the blueberry farm she recommended. I think I can honestly say I have never seen blueberries growing in nature. I guess I thought they grew on big bushes or shrubs or something but the plants were small, about 2 1/2 – 3 ft tall and planted in rows.

The bushes were the perfect height for O and he LOVED “the blueberry farm”. It turned out to be the perfect activity for an almost three year old. He did a great job of holding his own bucket and only picking the berries that were blue. He was so proud of the growing pile in his bucket and was convinced that any berries that fell on the ground were, “for the cows to eat” (I guess because we were on a farm?).  By the time we finished at about 10, it was pretty hot and there was no shade to speak of so this wasn’t an all day activity, but we went home with a little over 5 lbs. of blueberries.

Then when we came home I had to figure out what to do with all those blueberries.  And they weren’t just regular blueberries, these are by far the sweetest, freshest blueberries I have ever had.  We ate almost half of them just plain.  Of course, for the rest, I first thought about blueberry muffins.  I looooove blueberry muffins. But then I knew if I had a million blueberry muffins in the house, I would eat a million blueberry muffins. Which would be bad. So instead I went for individual blueberry crumbles.  Why are individual sized foods so much more fun than regular sized? Because you don’t have to share? I appreciate the portion control (but not the extra dishes!) so we used small 4 inch ramekins and they were delicious.

Blueberry Crumble
makes 2 individual crumbles

2 1/2 cups of clean blueberries
2 tsp cornstarch
3/4 c. of old fashioned oats
1/4 c. whole wheat flour
1/2 c. brown sugar
1/8 tsp of salt
4 Tb melted butter

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and wash your blueberries.

Sprinkle the cornstarch over the blueberries, add a squeeze of lemon juice and stir. (My blueberries were super sweet, if yours are more tart, add a little honey or sugar.)

Put the blueberry, cornstarch mixture in two small oven safe ramekins.

In another bowl, mix the oats, flour, salt, and brown sugar together.

Add the melted butter.

Mix the butter into the dry ingredients until combined and it forms large clumps.  This is way easier with your hands.

Divide the crumble topping in half and cover the blueberries. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes until the berries are bubbling and the top is starting to brown.  Let it cool until you can handle the ramekins.

This would be amazing with some vanilla ice cream but we didn’t have any so I topped it with a dollop of greek yogurt mixed with honey. YUM!

And here’s what it looked like five minutes later!

YUM!  What’s your favorite way to eat blueberries? Has anyone else gone picking this summer?

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