20 Gorgeous Free Bag & Purse Patterns

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These totally gorgeous and totally FREE bag & purse patterns will keep your sewing machine busy! 20+ Gorgeous FREE Bag & Purse Patterns | littleredwindow.com

I remember when I first discovered that Etsy existed. I think it was somewhere around 2007 and I had a job that involved significant chunks of time spent waiting for huge files to open on my very old and very slow computer.

So I would occasionally surf the internet and one day I found this woman who not only had a blog, but also sold adorable handmade totebags on Etsy. This was before everyone and their mother had a blog an etsy shop so to say I was excited is an understatement.

I thought to myself, what an awesome idea to make something so cute like that yourself! (It only took me 6 more years to open my own Etsy shop!)

And then I very quickly discovered Amy Butler and online fabric shops and I realized that a lot had changed since the last time I was in a fabric store. Quilting fabric wasn’t just for old ladies anymore, suddenly designers were designing fabric for people just like me!

I already had a sewing machine but I started experimenting with sewing bags and purses from patterns. There weren’t a lot online then, but you could buy some very cute ones. My fave was the Weekender Bag.

Now don’t get me wrong, making bags and purses is pretty labor intensive, but I loved the feeling of accomplishment when it was finished.

These days with 2 buys kids running around, I rarely make them anymore unless it’s a simple tote bag or one of my Easy 3 Seam Drawstring Gift Bags (Haven’t tried them yet? You have to, they’re SO easy!) but that doesn’t stop me from admiring the amazing free bag & purse patterns that other bloggers put out!

So here are 20 Gorgeous (and FREE!) DIY Bag & Purse Patterns!

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