Where to Donate Crafts to Charity

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Make the world a little bit better and spread some love with your handmade projects when you donate crafts to charity!Find out where to donate your handmade crafts to charity, plus tips and tricks to make sure your handmade goodies make it to someone who needs them!


In the past I’ve covered where to donate knit and crochet baby hats to charity. But I know not all of my readers knit or crochet, so this week I’m taking a look at where you can donate crafts to charity!

I know so many people want to give back and help make the world a better place but often the biggest stumbling block is just getting started, figuring out what to make and where to send it. 

I totally get it. It’s like how the hardest part of going to that long-postponed doctor’s appointment is just the short phone call to schedule it. You know what I mean? And then once you’ve done that it’s really not a big deal at all. 

So hopefully you’re either one of my regular readers (hi, friends!) and this is information you wanted but never got around to looking up, or you found me through a quick and painless internet search and I’ll answer all of your crafting for charity questions!

What kind of crafts should I donate to charity?

Ok, if you’re asking this question or already have a project in mind (at least a non knitting or crochet project) then you’re going about this backwards. Most charities that accept donations of handmade and crafted items are looking for specific things. So pick the charity FIRST and then you’ll know what to make. I’ve divided the charities by the types of crafts they accept below!

What else do I need to know before I start crafting for charity?

  • Please read each charity’s guidelines CAREFULLY before you get going. Many have requirements on materials used, colors requested or size/shape/theme. 
  • Almost all charities that I have looked at only accept items from homes that are smoke free. 
  • Make sure that what you’re donating is needed. In the wake of disasters, for example, sometimes monetary donations are actually much more useful than physical items.

Where should I donate my crafts to charity?

If you want your craft donations to stay local, consider calling some of your local institutions such as:

  • hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • homeless shelters
  • women’s shelters
  • rehab centers
  • pet shelters
  • wildlife rescue centers

If you don’t have any luck locally, here are some national charities that accept handmade & craft donations:

Paper Crafts & Greeting Cards

Cardz for Kidz

Card Care Connection

Send a Smile Today

Cranes for Cancer

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

Scrapping for Soldiers

Sewing / Fabric Crafts

Little Dresses for Africa (pillowcase dresses)

Ryan’s Case for Smiles (pillowcases)

Quilt for Kids

MD Anderson Cancer Center (heart shaped pillows and quilts)

Cancer CAREpoint (no-sew blankets)

Capes for Kids


Color > Give > Smile

Made 4 Aid (accepts donation of almost all kinds of craft items which are then sold to raise money)


Enchanted Makeovers

Mother Bear Project

Intermountain Healthcare

Dolly Donations

Personal Items

Operation Gratitude (paracord survival bracelets for military personnel)

For Pets and Animal Friends

Anti-Cruelty Society (cat & dog toys)

Animal Humane Society

Alley Cat

Animal Alliance (cage comforters)

Snuggles Project

Donate Art & Craft Supplies

Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation

Caitlin’s Smiles


Creative Pitch

Inklude Studio

Upcycling Colors

Find out where to donate your handmade crafts to charity, plus tips and tricks to make sure your handmade goodies make it to someone who needs them!

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