The Ultimate Gift Guide for Crafters

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Hey friends! I have something awesome to share today, a ton of great gift ideas for that crafty person in your life. You know the one where you get nervous buying him or her presents because you wonder, could they just make this themselves? I hear ya, we can be hard to shop for. But here are some of my current favorite things they’re guaranteed to love (and unlikely to already have).

The Ultimate Gift Guide for those hard to shop for Crafty friends and loved ones! |


An awesome Cordless Hot Glue Gun! Did you guys even know that such a thing existed?! It runs on batteries! I can’t even tell you how many times my glue gun cord has either gotten in the way or been too short. And it’s pink which is kind of fun.


While we’re talking glue guns, how cool is this holster? It holds your glue gun and extra glue sticks and it’s made of silicone so you can put the glue gun in even while it’s hot! I know I seriously hate trying to balance my hot glue gun on those little wimpy stands they have only to have it fall over and get glue all over my desk.  It comes in a bunch of cute colors too!


Ok, I swear this entire post isn’t about hot glue. But I was clicking around looking for the cordless glue gun and found these fun Glitter glue sticks! I had no idea such a thing existed. There are also NEON ones! That being said, I haven’t tried either of these, so I have no idea what they will do to your glue gun but they both have good reviews…

I would totally be excited to find some of these cute Decorative Edge Scissors Set in my stocking! You could use them for so many things. And look the six different cute designs!

Speaking of cutting things, if you have a bigger budget, you cannot go wrong with a Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine, no, they’re not cheap, but I use mine allllllll the time. Or, if the crafter you love already has one, get them a set of fun colorful sketch pens to go with it!

If there’s a knitter in your life, you can’t go wrong with a set of interchangeable knitting needles now these I actually do own and can totally vouch for them. They are awesome. No more fumbling around trying to find if you have the right size or length circular needles. And they’re easy to use.

If you’re shopping for a scrapbooker, they’d love this huge set of gel pens! So fun!

And for the serious artist, these are my all time favorite pencils ever. I used them all the time in undergrad and grad school. I know a woodless pencil sounds kind of weird, but the fact that they’re all graphite allows you to have both a sharp point and wide shading area all at the same time. They’re amazing.

A fun decorative paper punch would be a good gift, if you really aren’t sure what to get someone. You can use them for tons of things but they can be a little pricey sometimes so it’s probably not something your crafter already has. And there are a million gorgeous designs to choose from.

Everyone loves washi tape. End of story.

Sigh, I could seriously make this post 5000 words long. I am a wealth of useless craft supply information!

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