Crafty Kids Gift Guide: The Best Supplies and Craft Kits for Kids!

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The Crafty Kids Gift Guide is here and it’s full of the BEST supplies and craft kits for kids who like to make things!

Crafty Kids Gift Guide: The Best Supplies and Craft Kits for Kids!

So I have some crafty kids myself (no surprise there). O loves to make things out of cardboard and paper. And they both love to draw. We also happen to have two very crafty young friends living next door.

One loves to draw too and the other just loves ALL things crafty. She’s like a mini me, she learned to knit and embroider on her own and her recent birthday party was a big crafting party. So fun! 

So as I was shopping for her birthday gift, I realized that a gift guide for crafty kids is a great idea. There are so many craft kits for kids out there and some are great and some are TOTAL duds. And I know you don’t have time to read nine million online reviews, right? 

I thought it might be helpful if I wade through all those supplies and craft kits for kids so you know what to get your crafty kid this year! Don’t worry, I’m going to cover crafty supplies  craft kits for of ALL ages from preschool through middle school!  Ready?

Craft Kits for Preschoolers:

This giant “busy box” craft kit has great reviews and supplies and instructions for lots of different craft projects for your preschooler!

This fun tissue art kit involves crumpling and gluing. What more could a preschooler want?! Answer: nothing. My preschool loves this kind of activity! 

Make some cute jewelry (and practice hand/eye coordination) with this fun beading set that includes big colorful beads! Make sure your little one is old enough not to put things in their mouth for this one! We had an almost identical set to this one for O and he loved it, he even used it to make holiday gifts one year! 

This adorable stained glass kit is so smart! It comes with pretty and easy-to-use stickers instead of a million tiny beads that you have to melt in the oven. Perfect for littler kids! 

We recently got these tempera paint sticks and I am obsessed. You guys, they are SO much easier than paint and paint brushes and they’re still fun. Baby V even used her to paint a pumpkin for Halloween! These are going to be my go-to gift for her friends for the next couple of years!  (Psst! They even come in metallic!)

This make-your-own-bracelet kit is perfect for the younger crowd. And the finished bracelets are cute too! 

Craft Kits for Grades K-3:

Can you ever go wrong with shrinky-dinks? I think not. Even as an adult it’s magical to watch them shrink! 

We have had several of these paint-your-own-vehicle craft kits and they are always a hit. This will entertain O for an entire afternoon, at least. And then when it’s finished, they can play with it! 

Not into vehicles? You can also paint-your-own-princess-wand! 

This paper airplane craft kit is for sure going under our tree this Christmas.

If your little one wants to learn how to sew, this adorable stuffed woodland creatures sewing kit is a great place to start. It’s so smartly designed to be basically foolproof! 

Kids this age LOVE to paint things and this adorable garden turtle kit is perfect. Bonus points for ending up with something you can actually put outside and enjoy when they’re finished! 

My 8 year old is currently obsessed with origami videos so he’d love an origami kit!

Is Spirograph technically a craft? Hmm, not sure… But do kids love it! Yes! (Who am I kidding, even adults love it!)

Remember those color-your-own posters with the black velvet? Who else loved those? Now you can color your own purse with fabric markers. It’s even more awesome! 

Craft Kits for Grades 4-5:

This clay charms craft kit is what we ended up buying for our next door neighbor so I got a chance to look inside. You guys, the instructions on this clay kit are SO good. I was super impressed by how clearly they show you how to make each one of these adorable little charms. And yes, it does contain everything including the clay! 

Making your own soap is so fun and this kit is adorable (and contains everything you need). I’m putting in the 4th and 5th grade section because it involves melting things, but I think most kids this age could totally handle it! 

String art is so popular right now and this kit is just the right level for kids this age. Plus the designs it includes are really cute! 

This make your own quilt kit would be the best Christmas break gift because it would keep your kid occupied for a long time. Plus at the end they get something they can use. Don’t worry, the fabric squares and ties are all precut!

I had a friendship bracelet kit JUST like this when I was a kid and I loved it. And once kids learn how to make friendship bracelets they can keep doing it on their own (with minimal supplies), it’s the perfect craft! 

If you have an advanced friendship bracelet maker in your family, get them this cool friendship bracelet making board to hold all your string! No more safety pin to your jeans (do kids these days still do that?!)

(Don’t forget floss in every color of the rainbow to go with it!)

For an older kid, this paper flower origami kit would be a huge hit! 

MAKE YOUR OWN BOUNCY BALLS!  I don’t think I have to say much more than that. 

Craft Kits for Middle School Aged Kids:

This hand-stamped jewelry kit is so cool that I kind of want one for myself…

This DIY journal is extremely cute. This is great as a gateway craft for the kid you think might like to be creative but isn’t sure where to start.

Make your own lip balm! Honestly, the perfect middle school craft kit! It includes everything you need including essential oils! I had one of these when I was in middle school and used it a million times! 

If they liked making their own lip balm, they’ll love making their own bath bombs! Bonus no more of those $$$ ones from the fancy bath and body store! 

What kid wouldn’t want to try woodburning? (Just make sure you supervise them for this one!)

I remember when my brother was about this age and he was SO excited to make his own duct tape wallet! 

Can we please bring back all the old school crafts? I’m an adult and I’m still not over the fact that I never had a rock tumbling kit…

How’s that for a giant list of gift ideas for your crafty kids! Surely you can find SOMETHING for your crafty kid in there right? Crafty Kids Gift Guide: The Best Supplies and Craft Kits for Kids!

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