Monogrammed DIY Key Holder

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Make your own monogrammed DIY key holder and never misplace your keys again !Metal Monogrammed DIY Key Holder Tutorial! | littleredwindow.comYou guys, I am the kind of person who puts her keys and sunglasses and bag in the same exact place every time I come home (alternative descriptions include, “type A”, “control freak”, and “creature of habit”, ha!)  I have a DIY key holder and a bunch of hooks by the back door and I put everything right on them and then I always know where they are. Aa puts his keys and wallet in a different place every day. And then he can never find them. And this is further complicated by the fact that sometimes he comes and goes from the front door and sometimes he comes and goes by the back door whereas I almost always use the back. He’s more likely to use the hooks by the back door because they’re there, but when he comes in the front door, he just drops his keys in some random spot in the house on his way through. Which means that like 30% of the time, he can’t find them. So I thought maybe if we had a DIY key holder by the front door as well, that might help? I’ll have to keep you all posted on that…

Anyway, I grabbed this great galvanized metal letter at the craft store and got to work on my DIY key holder! (I should preface this by saying, in this case, it was incredibly convenient that our last name is also a month of the year because they had these cute laser cut wood month names at the store. So for most of you, you can either leave that part off or perhaps make your own by cutting your last name out of some thin cardboard or chipboard? Or you could choose another premade word like, “love”, “family” or “joy”! ) Here’s how I did it…

Monogrammed DIY Key Holder

Metal Monogram Letter

Laser cut name or word (these would be cute!)

Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint

Cup hooks (mine were gold and I spray painted them black)

Multi-surface glue (here’s my favorite)

  1. Spray paint your laser cut name or word and your cup hooks (if necessary) outside. Metal Monogrammed DIY Key Holder Tutorial! | Metal Monogrammed DIY Key Holder Tutorial! | littleredwindow.com2. While the paint is drying, make holes in the bottom surface of your metal monogram letter. The holes should be a bit smaller than the diameter of the cup hook’s screw end. While you could drill them, I actually just used a nail and hammered it through, this isn’t very thick metal. It took a little muscle but it worked. Metal Monogrammed DIY Key Holder Tutorial! | littleredwindow.com3. Screw the cup hooks into the bottom of the letter. Add a little glue inside if you want. Metal Monogrammed DIY Key Holder Tutorial! | littleredwindow.com4. Using the multi-surface glue (because you’re gluing wood to metal) glue your name or word to the front of your metal monogram. Make sure to wipe off any glue that oozes out from under the word. It might be helpful to weigh it down with a heavy book while it’s drying. (I had a picture of this, but it just looked like a giant book sitting on a table, lol!)Metal Monogrammed DIY Key Holder Tutorial! | littleredwindow.com5. When it has dried as long as the glue recommends, go ahead and hang up your new DIY key holder! Mine already had some nice little holes in the back for hanging! Metal Monogrammed DIY Key Holder Tutorial! |

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