20 Mind-Blowing Air Dry Clay Crafts!

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You won’t believe these gorgeous projects are handmade, these air dry clay crafts are mind-blowing!

20 Mind-Blowing Air Dry Clay Crafts, you won't believe they're handmade! | littleredwindow.com

I went on an air dry clay kick last year and discovered that this stuff has come a long way since I was a kid! You can make some gorgeous handmade ceramic projects with air dry clay without the need for a kiln or glaze, so many more options! O had a great time playing with my scraps too. So today I thought I’d share some air dry clay inspiration with you, so many gorgeous projects, be sure to click through and pin from the original source or pin my collage image!

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Stamped Clay Bowls from Gathering Beauty

DIY Painted Clay Ring Dishes | littleredwindow.comPainted Clay Ring Dishes

Air Dry Clay Pendants from The 36th Avenue

Air Dry Clay Platters from Alice & Lois

Stamped Clay Succulents from Damask Love

(these would work just as well with air dry clay!)

Stamped Clay Trinket Dishes | littleredwindow.comStamped Clay Trinket Dishes

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