Happy Pumpkin Halloween Wall Hanging

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I think, when it comes to Halloween, people are in two camps of decorating. Scary (think tombstones and gory masks) and cute (smiling pumpkins, cute little witches). When I was a kid, inspired by the street in our town with the really amazing Halloween decorations, you know the kinds of houses that give out FULL SIZE candy bars, my best friend and I tried every year to create, what in our minds was our Halloween piece de resistance, a super spooky witch to decorate my parents’ front stoop. We painstakingly constructed her out of an old coat rack, a mask we painted green with poster paint and an old witch hat with stringy yarn hair. I think we probably gave her an old broom too. And we were 100% completely convinced she was the most terrifying thing ever. (fyi: she was not)  It didn’t help that my parents live on a street that only has houses on one side so they hardly ever get any trick or treaters–our spooky witch barely even had a chance to scare anyone. But did we give up? No, every year we tried to make her as scary as we possibly could!

But now that I’m older and more mature (not) some of my fondest Halloween memories are of the happy Halloween decorations and activities we did in elementary school. I loved smiling jack o’ lanterns, cute black cats and friendly looking ghosts. And since O is still so little, I don’t really want him to get scared at Halloween yet either so I definitely tend to stay on the cute side of decorating. But, as you may or may not have learned yet, I am cheap and I like to make stuff! I either buy holiday decorations a couple of days after the holiday is over for next year (you can get such great deals this way!!) or I make them myself.

After picking out Halloween pumpkins with O, I got in the mood to add to our decoration stash and, shopping only in my craft closet, I made this cute little Happy Pumpkin Halloween Wall Hanging out of materials I already had on hand.

I used four little wooden craft squares, a little faux leather cord and some paint–voila! A cute Halloween pumpkin decoration for free!

Happy Pumpkin Halloween Wall Hanging, adorable DIY Halloween decoration from Little Red Wiindow


Which one’s your favorite? I think mine is this guy:

Happy Pumpkin Halloween Wall Hanging, adorable DIY Halloween decoration from Little Red Wiindow

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