Free Printable Glow Stick Valentines

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Print your own cute glow stick Valentines, they make the perfect classroom Valentine’s Day cards and they’re SUPER easy to print and assemble!

Free Printable Glow Stick Valentines! |

I’m so thankful for my glow stick valentines because, you guys, Valentine’s Day totally snuck up on me this year. I mean I knew O’s classroom party was this friday but somehow it didn’t register that this was the last weekend before it and we have an unusually busy week this week.

So I found myself on Sunday afternoon, quickly putting these glow stick valentines together and assigning Aa the task of cutting them all out while O wrote his name on each one. And if you know me, you know last minute tasks are both not my style, and majorly stress inducing. And then, OF COURSE, my printer ran out of magenta ink on the LAST PAGE and then I replaced the cartridge and then it didn’t work and then I cleaned the nozzles and tried again and it wouldn’t print the paper etc. etc. etc. Why do printers always work totally fine until you really really need them to do something quickly?! Ugh.

Anyway, I finally got the last page printed and we were all set!  I thought I’d share the free glow stick valentines printable with you too in case you need a quick Valentine’s Day card for your kids to take to school. These were perfect because I had a whole bunch of glow sticks leftover from Halloween in my closet so I didn’t have to get anything! (And psst! The BEST place to get glow sticks is at the dollar store around Halloween time, trust me, you’ll never find them cheaper!)

Printable Glow Stick Valentines Instructions

  • To make your own, download the free glow stick valentines printable below. There are 3 glow stick valentines to a page, print as many as you need (I recommend cardstock)
  • Then cut them apart with scissors or a paper cutter.
  • Use a craft knife to make two slits, one on either side of the heart (as shown in the pictures) and carefully slide your glow sticks through. I used 8″ glow sticks like this. Just be careful you don’t bend the glow sticks as you’re putting them through, if they crack, they’ll start glowing and burn out!

Here’s the free glow stick valentines printable:

Click HERE to download the Free Printable Glow Stick Valentines

Free Printable Glow Stick Valentines! |

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