Free Printable Friday No. 14

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Download and print your own free copy of this “You are Loved” printable watercolor artwork! You are Loved Free Printable Watercolor Art! |

Sometimes when O is having a rough time, we like to sit down and list all the people that love him. It gets to be a pretty long list and rambles on to include his teacher and the nice family who owns the dry cleaners and gives him lollipops and by the end he’s usually calmed down and is feeling better. (The opposite strategy also works! When he says, “You’re the meanest mom ever!” I start listing tv, movie and comic book villains and within seconds he’s usually laughing and agreeing that maybe I’m not so bad…) But as I was making this printable I started thinking, this love list is probably a strategy I should use with myself too! Right? Power of positive thinking and gratitude? Obviously, thinking positively can’t cure all your problems, but it certainly can’t hurt. So here’s a pretty reminder for you. You are loved. Maybe I should rename this “Sappy Friday”, lol! Enjoy!

Click HERE to download and print your own copy of this “You are Loved” free printable and remember it’s for personal use only!

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