Easy DIY Bow Holder

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Make an adorable and easy DIY Bow Holder to hold hair bows and barrettes out of just a few simple supplies!

Make an Easy DIY Bow Holder to organize hair bows and barrettes!

You guys, I do NOT know why it took me so long to make a DIY Bow Holder. I mean honestly, I should have my craft blogger license revoked!

It might surprise you to know, if you’ve been here for a while, that Baby V does not, in fact, wear hats all of the time. I know! Shocking!

In fact, both of my babies were bald for a long time and so we’ve spent a really long time growing her hair out which means that it’s not really long enough to stay behind her ears and it’s always  always in her face. So, most days, when there’s not a hat, she likes a bow or barrette to keep it back so she can play.This easy DIY Bow Holder is a great way to show off your cute hair bows and barrettes!

The end result is that we have quite a collection of hair bows which were honestly, just crammed in a drawer and clipped to the edge of a basket in her room. It was a total mess. 

And then last week, I looked at that total mess on top of her dresser and was like, duh, DIY bow holder. I even had all the supplies in my recently cleaned out office closet. Cute hair bows need somewhere to live, this Easy DIY Bow Holder is the perfect way to display them!

So I grabbed a few things and had a brand new, adorable DIY Bow Holder in about five minutes. Honestly, it took me longer to arrange the bows on it than it did to make the thing.

Here’s how I did it…

DIY Bow Holder Supply List

Blank wood sign

Cute grosgrain ribbon

Staple Gun

DIY Bow Holder Instructions

  1. If your blank sign isn’t white yet, and you want it to be, paint it white and let it dry. Mine was already farmhouse distressed so I was all set to go!You only need a handful of supplies to make an easy DIY bow holder!
  2. Measure the height of the blank sign and cut lengths of ribbon about 2 inches longer. Pick some cute ribbon for your easy DIY Bow Holder!
  3. Measure across the edge of the back of the sign at the top and bottom, where the ribbon will go. I marked mine with one ribbon centered on each plank. Don’t eyeball this, you’ll be able to tell!Make sure to measure and mark the ribbon spacing when you make your easy DIY Bow Holder!
  4. Flip the sign over and staple one end of the ribbon to the top back at your mark. Then turn the sign back over, stretch the ribbon across the sign, wrap it around the other edge and staple that end to the back also.Secure the ribbon on your DIY Bow Holder with a few sturdy staples!
  5. If you have any staples that didn’t quite go in all the way, make sure to gently hammer them down so your DIY Bow Holder doesn’t scratch your wall.
  6. When you’ve attached all of your ribbons, you can either staple on another length of ribbon or twine to the back for hanging. Or you can also attach some picture hanging hardware to the back.Don't forget to add a way to hang your cute new DIY Bow Holder!
  7. Clip your hair bows to the ribbon on the front side!

This quick and easy DIY Bow Holder is fun and adorable and will keep all of your bows and barrettes organized!


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