DIY Thanksgiving Crafts and Decor Ideas

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Get inspiration for your holiday table with these gorgeous and creative Thanksgiving crafts and decor ideas!

Gorgeous DIY Thanksgiving Crafts and Decor Ideas for your holiday table!

For the last couple years we’ve had a super low-key Thanksgiving. We hosted at our house but only my parents came.

And because Baby V was only a baby, you guys, I didn’t even really do thanksgiving decorations. I know! I should have my blogging license revoked. I mean, I think we have a cute cartoony turkey that we hang up and maybe a fall wreath but that was it.

I assume if you’ve ever had a baby you’ll understand.

But this year Baby V is bigger and my Thanksgiving Crafts mojo is BACK! I can’t wait to figure out a pretty tablescape. I might even use a tablecloth guys, this is serious!

But, since it’s been a while I’m not quite sure where to start with my Thanksgiving crafts or decor. So I put together this list of fabulously creative ideas from some around the internet to get us all going!

I can’t wait! Happy Thanksgiving!


What do you think? What were your favorite Thanksgiving craft and decor ideas? Are you ready to get started on your Thanksgiving decorating!

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