DIY Cardboard Crafts & Upcycling Ideas

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Looking to make something fun with all those cardboard boxes you have lying around waiting to be recycled? Well I’ve got tons of DIY cardboard crafts & upcycling ideas!

The best cardboard crafts & upcycling ideas, use your old cardboard boxes to make something fabulous!

Did you see that viral photo that was going around this month of the woman who saved an entire year’s (or maybe longer) of mail order boxes and then put them out front on April 1st as if they had all just been delivered to freak out her husband? That made me crack up!

I am also Prime delivery addict, I don’t have time to deal with traffic and actual stores, so we never have a shortage of cardboard boxes around here and cardboards crafts are some of my FAVORITE! I blame architecture school in which we made lots of models out of cardboard. It was a favorite material because it was free and we were all broke students. 

Since then I have made so many random fun things out of cardboard. O loves it too. You know how parents always joke that you could just give your kid (or your cat) an empty cardboard box and they’d play with it more than whatever came inside of it? That’s totally what happens in our house. 

O will cut flaps and windows, color, tape and otherwise decorate any box you give him and then eventually, if it’s big enough, sit inside it and pretend it’s something. Because of course, the bigger the cardboard box, the more coveted!

And of course the other great thing about upcycled cardboard box crafts is that they’re basically free! And you can still recycle the cardboard when you’re finished with whatever you made! That’s like the ultimate in crafting achievement levels if you ask me. 

So this week I’m sharing a whole bunch of fun DIY cardboard crafts & upcycling ideas, I have cardboard crafts for kids, I have cardboard crafts for adults, I even have cardboard art projects! Come check it out! 


Pegboard Dolls and Cardboard Sea Creatures from Mr. Printables

DIY Cardboard Box Play Sewing Machine | | Great tutorial for an adorable play sewing machine made out of an old box!

Cardboard Sewing Machine

Cardboard Guitars from Make It & Love It

Homemade Cardboard Construction Set from Happy Hooligans

Cardboard Cacti from House that Lars Built

DIY Doll Crib from a cardboard box! This quick and easy craft will be a hit with your little one!

Cardboard Doll Crib

Cardboard Basket Weaving from Tried & True

Cardboard Cat Scratcher from Dream a Little Bigger

Cardboard Helmets from Maker Mama

Super adorable DIY Thomas the Train Halloween Costume made from a cardboard box! from Little Red Window

Cardboard Train Costume

Cardboard Barbie House from Ikatbag

Make this cute DIY Cardboard Mailbox for you kids to play with out of materials you already have at home!

Cardboard Mailbox

Cardboard Bear from Bru DIY

Cardboard Solar Oven from The Craft Train

45 Minute Cardboard Box Car| | Not all crafts have to be perfect and pinterest-worthy, this cardboard box car is fun to make WITH your kids and is done in less than an hour!

45 Minute Cardboard Box Car

Cardboard Box Snowman from Smart Schoolhouse

Cardboard Shoe Rack from A Piece of Rainbow

Cardboard Box Dollhouse Craft from Mod Podge Rocks

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  1. What fantastic ideas! You will enjoy the time it takes to make/design your cardboard project, then spend time enjoying it after it’s finished! Love it.

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