DIY Alphabet Tiles

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Print and make your own adorably cute alphabet tiles with this free printable!

DIY Alphabet Tiles with free printable! |

Oh the life of a blogger, when you pull out an old bin of stuff and find a project you made but never blogged about! The joy! I was cleaning out one of my desk drawers when I found this set of adorable alphabet tiles that I made for O when he was about 2 years old. He played with them, and loved looking at the pictures and we practiced letters with them a lot.  But of course now he can read so they got put away.

DIY Alphabet Tiles with free printable! |

And baby V is a little young for letters but she sure was excited about the pictures when I pulled them out so it looks like they’re back in rotation! I’m going to tell you guys how I made them and then include a link to the free pdf version so you can download and make your own. But here’s the deal guys, I drew every single one of these illustrations myself. This was a lot of work. So print them for home, cut them out, enjoy them. But please do not remove my watermark, use them for commercial purposes, resell, distribute, post them online or otherwise infringe upon my copyright. Got it? ok!

DIY Alphabet Tiles with free printable! |

DIY Alphabet Tiles 

26 – 3 inch square wood tiles

Printed and cut alphabet tiles file (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

Mod podge

1 . First, print and cut the pdf alphabet tiles file.

2 . Use mod podge to decoupage them to the wood pieces, the picture on one side and the letter on the other.

3. Finish up with at least 3 coats of mod podge to make them durable! (pssst, let them dry

for several days otherwise the mod podge makes them likely to stick together…)

DIY Alphabet Tiles with free printable! |

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