Yarn Lover’s Yarn Craft Gift Guide

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Find the perfect gift for the yarn and fiber lover in your life with this handy yarn craft gift guide, all the best yarn, weaving, embroidery and yarn crafts, no knitting or crochet required!

The ultimate yarn lover's yarn craft gift guide, this list for the yarn and fiber lover in your life is chock full of fun gift ideas!

So I know there are some of you out there who don’t knit or crochet and that’s ok! There are also those of us, (cough cough, me, cough, cough) who might have a little bit too much yarn in our stash and need something to do with it. 

Or we might collect pretty embroidery floss or cord and then not know quite what to do with it? 

You’re in luck because there are so many fun things you can do with yarn and fiber and I have put together the BEST gift guide full of ideas for the yarn lover in your life. And this yarn craft gift guide doesn’t require actual knitting or crochet (unless you want to).

(But here are some gift ideas for a knitting addict if you need them!)

First up, the yarn. If you’re going to gift yarn to a yarn lover, it should be something they wouldn’t dare spend the money on themselves. Get them some cashmere or something fun and unusual! 

The best yarn to give as a gift:

You can’t go wrong with beautiful hand dyed yarn like this.

I wouldn’t be mad if someone bought be a bunch of this super CHUNKY wool to make one of those giant lap blankets. They looks so soft and cozy! 

Or how about some 100% cashmere

Or if you’re not into cashmere, silk yarn is super luxurious too

This fun yarn has little pom poms woven in and would be so fun in a weaving project! I’ve never seen anything like it before! 

Three words: Silk Sparkle Yarn!

Or how about this gorgeous yarn made from recycled silk saris?! It’s so gorgeous! 

If you don’t want to gift actual yarn, there are yarn related crafts like weaving, embroidery and macrame, that make fabulous gifts for your craft friend or loved one too!

The best yarn craft and weaving supplies to give as a gift:

This basic weaving loom is perfect for the yarn lover who wants to give weaving a try, it has good reviews and a great price!

This loom is a little more advanced but also had great reviews! (and it’s not just for kids!)

If you want to splurge a little and gift a loom that is sure to last a long time, this beauty is amazing! 

This How-to book on weaving has tons of 5 star reviews and is a great place to learn how to make all of those cute woven wall hangings and rugs and even pillows! 

The woven wall hanging that’s on the cover of this weaving book is insanely gorgeous! 

If you’re not into weaving, maybe you’d like to try macrame?

Start with a good strong cotton macrame cord (I totally count this as “yarn” if you’re a yarn lover)

You might want to add a book on learning macrame like this one! 

This macrame board will help you keep all of your strands tidy and organized and you knot and twist! 

You could even gift a set of these pretty brass plated rings to use in a macrame project, they’d be so pretty in used in a macrame hanging planter, for example! 

Not sure what else your fiber lover might want? Here are some fabulous embroidery gifts:

Your fiber loving friend will LOVE you if you get them this set of 138 skeins of embroidery floss. It has EVERY color of the rainbow!!

I totally want a pair of these fun (and pretty) embroidery scissors, they’d make such a great gift for any crafty person! 

This set of sturdy embroidery hoops if 4 sizes is perfect to anyone who wants to give embroidery or cross-stitch a try! 

Water soluble marking pens are a MUST for embroidery and yarn crafts!

And of course you need a set of embroidery needles

Any crafter would be THRILLED to get this set of adorable stitching design transfers as a gift, there are 300 different designs! 

Or if you need to start with the basics, this embroidery how-to book is a great add-on to your embroidery gift basket! 

Looking for a yarn related gift for someone who’s tried it all? Here are some other yarn and fiber gift ideas that are unique! 

How about rug hooking? You might have tried this as a kid, but there are some gorgeous grown-up rug hooking projects nowadays. This book is a good place to start! Look how pretty the cover is! 

Don’t forget a rug hooking tool

Or your yarn lover might want to try punch needle embroidery!This is a craft I have ALWAYS wanted to try but never have! This punch needle embroidery start set would be a great gift and a great place to start

How’s that for the ultimate list of gift ideas for the yarn craft lover in your life?! Happy yarn crafting! 

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