20 Cozy Sweater Crafts

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Enjoy the crisp fall air with these 20 Cozy Crafts made from Sweaters!  | littleredwindow.comCuddle up with this collection of Cozy Sweater Crafts!  | littleredwindow.com

Well, we got a bit of a wake up call last week. We had been living in a condo for the last 8 years and it was always, always 78 degrees inside, all year long. We probably turned the heat on once a year, if that.  And then we moved to our new (125 year old) house. Last week it got to the 40s at night and we were all freeeeeeeezing. I’m talking extra blankets, lots of hot tea, sleeping in socks and long pants at night kind of freezing. We finally caved and turned on the heat but we’re really scared of the heating bill so we’re still keeping it pretty low. And I’m still cold! So I’m doing a round up of cuddly, cozy warm crafts made from yarn and sweaters to fight off the chill around here! I hope it warms you up too!

Braided Headband from Upcycled Sweater by Lana Red

5aa88caa5a56e38a23d83098a58610a3-ac45e41223b7fc4138c50da5ccf24a7aCable Knit Lampshade from Farm Fresh Therapy hats-from-sweaters1-670x446Baby Hats made from Old Sweaters from Make It & Love It
DSC0417-1_edited-1-608x1024Crewneck Sweater Turned Cardigan from Happiness is Creating5666354164_aeb30999db

Repurposed Sweater Coffee Cozy from Every Nothing WonderfulTitle

Upcycled Sweater Slipper Boots from Drawings Under the Table

Sweater Pumpkin from Sewing BarefootCrafts-2011-0421-300x225

Sweater Bracelets from Organize Your Stuff Nowboo

Sweater Macbook Case from the Merrythoughtwater bottle5

Water Bottle Cozy from Jasmin Blanc StudioHeart-patch-sweater-leg-warmers

Baby Leg Warmers from Making Home Baseey

Recycled Sweater Pillow from Just Crafty Enoughsweater felt flowers www.auntpeaches2

Felted Sweater Flowers from Aunt PeachesIMG_2379-580x428

Sweater Wrist Warmers from What Will We Do Todaysew-a-simple-cowl-scarf-from-sweater

Make a Cowl from an Old Sweater by Madigan MadeoMake a Hooded Scarf from an Old Sweater by My Poppet

Upcycled Sweater Bag from Lana Red

Cozy Wine Gift Wrap from Warm Hot Chocolateock

DIY Upcycled Socks from Old Sweater Sleeves from Pearls & ScissorsDIY-Craft-Project-Mittens-Old-Sweaters-Upcycle

Upcycled Mittens from Creme de la Craft

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17 thoughts on “20 Cozy Sweater Crafts

  1. What a great collection! Thanks so much for sharing the Slipper Boots from my blog! 🙂 I’m feeling inspired now to make some of these other great crafts!

  2. So many incredible projects. I’d love the slipper boots and the sleeve socks. We have a manufactured home without a foundation under it. We live in Western CO so it gets pretty nippy around here in winter. Our house has a lot of ceramic tile on floors and that is cold. I wear at least 2 pairs of socks with my (faux) ugh boots or my feet freeze. I wear heavy socks and tshirts under my pj’s in winter also as our furnace is in front of house and our room is in back, (single wide). There are vents to bedroom and bathroom but seems by time heat gets to our room it’s not so strong. We have to use a heater in bathroom in winter also or we’d freeze. I take my heavy chenille robe in bathroom to put on as soon as I get dried along with my heavy socks.
    Love this post, really handy useful projects to make. I’ll be haunting the thrift stores for sweaters I can use to make some of these projects. Happy week

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