20 Fabulous DIY Word Art & Typography Craft Projects

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Instead of buying expensive laser cut word art, make some gorgeous DIY word art and typography craft projects yourself!

20 Fabulous DIY Word Art and Typography Crafts!  | littleredwindow.com

If you’ve been to the craft store, or any home decor store or even Target, you’ve probably noticed that DIY word art is SO popular right now. And now wonder, it’s endlessly customizable and I think we’re all always looking for things to put on our walls besides just a picture in  a frame. Plus word art and typography art can really go with any type of decor from traditional to modern to farmhouse and it looks great in the dining room or the kitchen or even a kid’s room! So today I found you some great tutorials to make your own DIY word art. Because we all know, that adorable word art at the craft store does not come cheap! And these ideas area so great that no one will ever know they’re DIY (unless you brag about it!). Happy crafting and as always, please click through and pin from the original source or pin my collage image.

Easy Wire  DIY Word Art from View Along the Way

Concrete Yard  Word Art from Dream a Little Bigger

Make your own DIY Gian Word Wall Art (for super cheap!) | littleredwindow.com

Giant  DIY Word Wall Art for Cheap

Thrift Painting Word Art from  An Oregon Cottage

Embroidered Word Art from The Homesteady

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