20 Distinctive DIY Accent Walls

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So one thing I have never really attempted in my DIY life is an accent wall. But I kind of really want to try one.

In our last place I knew we wouldn’t be there long enough to make it worth the time and effort (and then potentially have to undo it) but I think in this house I could totally do it.

The only problem is that I can’t decide where to put it? There are so many options! Should it be a bathroom? One of our bedrooms? My office?

I thought looking for DIY accent wall inspiration would help but instead it just got me so fired up to try my own DIY accent wall and so excited about all of the options, that I can’t wait to get started and I can’t decide what to do!

I’m overwhelmed in the most positive way!

So while I was looking for inspiration for myself, I found these 15 Distinctive and Beautiful Accent Walls to share! I hope they inspire you too!20 Gorgeous and Distinctive DIY Accent Walls | littleredwindow.com

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