20 Crafty Kitchen Projects

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I’ve always done a lot of cooking, mostly because I like it. But then with O’s food allergy diagnosis, it became a necessity. There aren’t very many restaurants or prepared foods we can safely eat so we just make most things. And that means I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Our new kitchen is pretty nice but it needs a little personality (and a new floor, desperately). And kitchen gadgets and decor are totally one of my favorite things to shop for. But you know me, if I can, I’d rather make it myself! So today I have 20 Crafty Kitchen Projects to spice up your kitchen! Enjoy!20 Crafty Kitchen Projects to spice up your kitchen! | littleredwindow.com

DIY Good Morning Coffee Jar| littleredwindow.com | This cute and sunny coffee jar is super easy to make with your Silhouette!Good Morning Coffee Jar

MS4A7528DIY Hanging Bundt Cake Planters from Sugar and Cloth

DIY Spice Jar Labels | littleredwindow.com | Make your own custom labels quickly and easily with vinyl!DIY Spice Jar Labels

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