20 Beautiful Watercolor Projects

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I’ve been seeing a lot of watercolor floating around these days. It’s so pretty and light and organic, it’s a nice contrast to the strong geometric patterns that are also so popular right now.

I have always liked watercolor myself, I grew up watching my mom do it. She’s very good. But maybe I just haven’t spent enough time working with it, I don’t know, I feel like things never come out how I want them to.

I’m kind of a type A organizing personality so it’s sometimes difficult to give up being exact and let go with artwork. But these beautiful ethereal watercolor projects have me so inspired. I think it’s time to get out my brushes again!

Give one a try yourself and let me know how it goes!

20 Beautiful Watercolor Projects | littleredwindow.com

Don’t think you’re crafty enough to try your hand at watercolor? Here are some of my favorite watercolor finds!

This pillow is just SO pretty!!

Love these gorgeous watercolor thank you notes!

Super cute handmade watercolor print for your living room!

I think I’m obsessed with this watercolor rug

Here are 20 GORGEOUS watercolor crafts!

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