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If you’re here from Wine & Glue, welcome to Little Red Window!  You probably already know and love Lisa and guess what? So do I!  Except I actually know her in real life.  We grew up in the same small-ish town and got to be good friends when we did yearbook together in high school.  Look here we are!

You’re welcome, Lisa!
(#itwasthe90s #yesouryearbookwasblackandwhite)

What she probably doesn’t even know is that she’s totally been an inspiration to me to get off my butt and just do an etsy store and blog already.  If I’m a third as successful at this Internet thing as she is, I will be a happy girl.  

Anyway, I hope you’ll follow me and stick around, I promise I have lots of great things to share including how I hacked an old seen-better-days IKEA nightstand to turn it into a play kitchen for O without any major power tools,

and how I like living and creating in a small condo smack in the middle of downtown Chicago (hint: I love it!).  In the meantime please visit me at my shop, Little Red Window Design and check out my hand-drawn printables available now for instant download! 

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