What I’ve been Pinning: Jewelry

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I think we all have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  I mostly love it.  But I know a lot of people think it puts too much pressure on us to have unrealistically perfect parties and outfits and living rooms.  I totally get that.  I’ve had a lot of luck finding great recipes and good craft ideas but I try to remind myself often that not all those ideas really are, “Genius!”  (It helps that I am a fan of both The Pintester and Pinterest Fail; seriously don’t ever try the dehydrated strawberries pin!)  And anyway, I’ve always had a kind of Pinterest, it just used to be the bookmarks folder of my browser.  It was unorganized and hard to edit and of course there were no pictures.  So for that reason alone, Pinterest makes me very happy.   Recently there’s been lots of jewelry that caught my eye and here are a few of my favorites!

Coral Dipped Spike Necklace from aRainyAfternoon

I love the Coral, I love the shape, love everything about it.  Actually I never used to be much of a gold fan, but lately I can’t get enough.  (And plus, TrueBlood just started back up and it kind of feels a little vampire-y!)

The Neutral Stack from The Shine Project

Look more Gold! I like the mixture of shapes here and I think they look great all together or separately.  I always want to be a bracelet person but the fact that I have a grabby toddler and skinny wrists makes them hard to wear in real life.  But I might make an exception for these. Plus proceeds go to a really good cause.

Colored Pencil Studs from huiyitan

Would I really wear these? Maybe not.  But I love the idea.  And wouldn’t they make an amazing end of the year teacher gift??

Gold from any angle necklace by Lisa Leonard

I have been hearing about Lisa Leonard jewelry everywhere. Some of it I like and some isn’t quite my style.  But this I love.

Cement Pearls by Metsa

These are so made for an architect and I have been totally coveting them for months.  My only question, would they really be as cool in real life when you’re not seeing them up close like this? Or would they just look like gray spheres?  

What have you been Pinning?

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