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We just got back from an entire week of vacation (awesome!) in Wisconsin with my family.  There was a lot of this:

Book on the beach Little Red Window


We were gone for six days and I made it through five books.  (Have I mentioned I like to read…ALOT? Well, I do, I really really do.)  But I didn’t do all of my reading alone:

 Reading in a comfy chair  Little Red Window


Apparently I’ve passed on my love of books! We also took a little break and took advantage of free babysitting and went to a drive-in movie which was really really fun.  We saw Despicable Me 2 which honestly wasn’t as good as the first one, but the experience was so great. I don’t think I’ve been to a drive-in since I was a kid and I just do not understand why there aren’t more of them! There were kids running around in their jammies, delicious snacks, and you get to sit in your own comfy car. It’s perfect!


Drive-in Movie Theater Little Red Window



We also appreciated some art:


Appreciating Art Little Red Window



And we made some of our own:


Painting outside Little Red Window

It was really relaxing and fun but the one thing we didn’t plan for was that we basically had no internet at all for the entire week.  It’s a blessing in disguise for AA because if he’s available by blackberry, he’ll be getting emails all night and day that require responses. But I felt unexpectedly happy about it too. It takes a break to realize how much longer a day feels when you’re not spending a good part of it getting sucked into a computer or phone (she says while staring at her computer typing a blog). It was so nice to have a break. When I worked in architecture I was at a computer all day, now with Little Red Window Design, I spend a big chunk of my free time online or doing photoshop work. Did I instead spend a lot of that time with my nose in a book? yes! But I wasn’t wasting my time on facebook or instagram (you know, those time sucks we all love?), I was using my imagination! (And boy you don’t realize how often you google things to find out definitions or answers to questions until you can’t!  I have to rely on my brain to remember things? huh?!)  Anyway, there’s no point to all this besides just a reminder to myself to turn off the laptop, put away the phone and look around a little bit more. Time slows down in a good way when you do that.

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