DIY Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles

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Add some creepiness to your Halloween decor with these spooooky DIY Halloween Potion Bottles!

DIY Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles |

You guys, I just LOVE how these Halloween potion bottles turned out. And I love holiday decor that doesn’t scream HOLIDAY! Like at first glance these could just be nice mercury glass bottles but then, when you look closer…

Anyway, I’ve been wanting some spooky witch’s  potion bottle forever and I finally got around to making some. I recently watch Bedknobs and Broomsticks with O which is one of my all-time favorite movies and I laughed thinking about how her mail order witch class reminds me of all the popular mail order subscription services we have now. But instead of makeup or fancy snacks, she got potion ingredients and spells!

Anyway, these don’t take long to make but you will need to read up on tutorial for how to make Faux Mercury Glass, because these use the same method! Here’s how I did it…

DIY Halloween Potion Bottles

Glass bottles with cork tops (and straight vertical sides)

Oil rubbed bronze spray paint

Mirror glass spray paint

White vinegar in a spray bottle

Matte mod podge

1 . First read my Faux mercury glass tutorial. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Ok, then take the corks out of your bottles, set them aside and paint the insides of the bottles following that tutorial. The only thing I did differently with these bottles was use a bit more oil rubbed bronze paint and a little less mirror paint.

DIY Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles | DIY Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles |

2. When the paint inside the bottles is dry, measure the bottles and lay out your potion labels in a design program like photoshop, Illustrator or Canva. The font I used is called Heart and Soul. BEFORE you print your labels make sure that you mirror them so they are BACKWARDS!

3. Print your labels on a laser printer. This image transfer will not work if you use an inkjet printer. (If you don’t have a laser printer, I know I don’t, print your labels at a copy shop).

DIY Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles |

4. Carefully cut out your labels with scissors and then apply a fairly thick coat of mod podge to the labels. Finally apply them to the glass and smooth out any air bubbles or mod podge that oozes out from the edges. And really, while round bottles are ok, make sure they have straight up and down vertical sides. That globe shaped bottle in the background did not work! DIY Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles |

5. Let your labels dry at least 8 hours, preferrably overnight.

6. When the labels are dry, wet them with water and then use a fingertip to gently start to rub away the paper. It may take a few passes to get all the paper off and really, be gentle so you don’t remove the image transfer as well! DIY Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles | DIY Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles |

7. If you want, you can apply another coat of matte mod podge over just the label part to protect it a bit better. And that’s it! Enjoy your spooky halloween potion bottles!

DIY Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles | DIY Spooky Halloween Potion Bottles |

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