Oven Dried Apple Chips – a Pinterest Win

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So Pinterest has a million and one ideas and I think we’ve all wondered, are any of these Pins really worth doing? Is that too good to be true? Well, today, I have a bit of a Pinterest Win to share – Oven Dried Apple Chips! Actually I’ve made lots of recipes based off of Pinterest and they have, mostly been successful but this one was extra good.

When it gets to be Fall and we go apple picking, I always come home with an enormous amount of apples and all I want to do is make pie and muffins and cookies and spice cakes….I think you get the idea. But if I actually baked all those things, I would weigh a lot more than I would like. So I usually make one special treat and then try to use the rest of the apples on healthier recipes. Applesauce, of course, is a given. I also love to make apple butter (I hardly use any sugar so it’s better for us).

Apples on Little Red Window

But this year I got curious about apple chips. I was trying to buy O some dried fruit at Target the other day and it is soooo expensive (and at least half of it wasn’t safe for a peanut/tree nut allergy). As I am known to do, I thought to myself, “I can totally make that at home!”

I googled and Pinterested a little and it seems like the best way to make apple chips is with a food dehydrator (which I don’t have). But there were lots of recipes for making them in the oven too. There seemed to be two camps, those recipes that used a super low temperature and cooked the apple chips for like 8 hours. And those that made the over a bit hotter and cooked them quicker. I kind of went with something in between.

Oven Dried Apple Chips


Clean apples

parchment paper

cookie sheet

Preheat your oven to 220 degrees ( I kind of split the difference between recommended temperatures)

Cut your apples in half and cut out the cores. If you have a fancy apple corer, you can  core them and then leave them whole so you get round apple chips.

Coring an Apple on Little Red Window

Cut the apples into thin 1/8″ slices using a mandolin. Please don’t cut yourself. I did, because I’m stupid. But really, mandolin’s are sooo sharp!  If you don’t have a mandolin, use a knife but do your very best to keep the slices a thin and even thickness. I think that’s the key to making these apple chips work.

Slicing Apples on a mandolin on little Red Window

Lay the apple slices on parchment paper on your cookie sheets, put them in the over and bake for 40 minutes.

Oven Dried Apple Chips Recipe on Little Red Window

Flip the apples and bake for another 30 minutes.

Let them cool and enjoy!

Oven Dried Apple Chips Recipe on Little Red Window

My Oven Dried Apple Chips came out kind of crispy on the edges with chewy centers. They have a delicious concentrated apple flavor. Yum!

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