Little Deer Hat Knitting Pattern

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Knit this adorable Little Deer hat with my newest fair isle deer hat knitting pattern!


Little Deer Hat Knitting Pattern for newborns, babies and toddlers! |

We live relatively (within a couple miles)close to a forest preserve area which is just beautiful and so nice to walk around in and enjoy. The downside is we occasionally see coyotes and foxes wandering down the street. You guys, I seriously saw a coyote run past the front door of O’s elementary school the other day! It was crazy! But anyway, the other nice thing about the forest preserve is that you often see deer.

Little Deer Hat Knitting Pattern for newborns, babies and toddlers! | littleredwindow.comI was driving past just this morning and saw a beautiful doe and her baby right by the side of the road maybe 6 feet from me (luckily I was driving slow)! One of my friends likes to take her daily walks there and when she sees deer she considers it to be good luck. I like that idea. There’s something so peaceful about seeing deer in the forest. Anyway, all this is to say I realized I needed a deer hat knitting pattern! And ok, technically it’s mean to be a fawn or baby deer. But no one’s going to google “fawn hat”, they’re going to google “deer hat” or “baby dear hat” right? I love the cute white polka dots and the little bow (which you can leave off if you prefer).  And yes, I do realize female deer rarely have antlers.  Those are also optional. Go with whichever combo you want! I just wanted to show you all the options. You could do antlers with no bow, bow with no antlers, antlers with blue bow…whatever!

Also, please note, this pattern is a fair isle pattern but it’s perfect for beginners!

Little Deer Hat Knitting Pattern for newborns, babies and toddlers! |

Fair Isle Little Deer Hat Knitting Pattern includes Sizes 0-3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 2T+

Gauge: 20 stitches = 4 inches

Supply List:

Worsted weight yarn in medium brown, tan, white and pink

16″ US 7 circular needles

US 7 double pointed needles

Yarn needle

(If you need help, my favorite knitting reference book for everyone from beginners to advanced knitters is THIS ONE!)

This cute pattern is available for sale only. (I have a ton of free pattern options here!) When you purchase this pattern, you’ll get an instant download PDF pattern in  one nicely formatted easy-to-print page  that includes written instructions and  reference step by step photos which you can print (or not) depending on whether you need them. This pattern is available in my Etsy shop or on Ravelry where it will also be permanently stored in your Ravelry pattern library.


Or download the PDF pattern from Ravelry here:
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Happy Knitting! 
Little Deer Hat Knitting Pattern for newborns, babies and toddlers! |
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