Great Weekend Mitts

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Make your own Great Weekend Mitts, they’re perfect for lounging around on a Saturday with a cup of tea and a good book!

Great Weekend Mitts |

Want to learn more about reading knitting patterns?

After the last couple weeks when I knit a cowl and some hats, you might have thought to yourself, “Oh, it looks like Cassie is finally over her fingerless glove obsession.” (I’m sure no one really thought that…) But if you did, you would be wrong. Sorry. I can’t help it, I am a fingerless glove addict! And as a fingerless glove addict,,  I had to laugh though when someone commented on a pinterest pin of one of the other pairs I had made, “what is the point of these?” Does this person live in Florida? Or California maybe? Under a rock perhaps? Definitely somewhere where they never have to balance turning on the heat but not setting it tooooo high because of the heating bill. Gosh, pinterest comments are really where the interesting people come out. But as I tried to politely tell the person, fingerless gloves warm you up but still keep your fingers free. So, for example, I am sitting at my desk in my chilly office right now wearing a pair and typing this. I certainly would not be able to type a coherent blog post wearing real gloves. But these make a big difference in keeping my temperature up. My mom always used to tell me when I was cold to go run my wrists under warm water. I assume because you have a lot of blood vessels right on the surface there. And, I think that’s the same reason fingerless gloves make a difference and actually do warm you up.

So fingerless glove doubters, I swear, they’re amazing! Try them, you’ll like them! Unless you live in Florida. Or California.Then they will probably make you hot. But if that’s the case, knit a pair for your aunt who lives in the Midwest. She will thank you!

Anyway, I found this free pattern on Ravelry. They’re the Great Weekend Mitts by Thea Eschliman. And I enjoyed knitting them. The last two pairs I made are pretty fancy and these are more appropriate for your more casual fingerless glove needs. (ha!) But what I thought was totally cool is that the button placket is actually a faux button placket! Now the only change I made is that she wrote the pattern to knit them flat (which is probably easier), but I hate seams, so I knit mine in the round, changing the purl rows to knit rows instead. (This was also my first attempt at Magic Looping. Verdict? Loved it! ) And to add the placket, I just picked up stitches along the jog in the stripe pattern instead. of along the seam (because I had no seam). But either way, I love the faux placket. Because as she says, wouldn’t it be annoying to constantly be doing and undoing all those buttons?! Great Weekend Mitts |


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