20 of the Best Decoupage Craft Projects!

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Are you a mod podge or decoupage addict? Then you’ll love these 20 fun projects!

20 Awesome Decoupage Crafts and Projects you can make yourself!

You know how some people have a word or phrase that just makes their skin crawl? Like for a lot of people, it’s the word “moist”. If you’re one of those, keep reading, I promise I won’t keep saying “moist’. I swear I’m done. (moist.) ha! But seriously, for my mom, one of those words is “Mod Podge”. Don’t know why but it drives her crazy. Which I get, we all have one of those words. (But I’m not telling you mine, nah na nah na boo boo!) Of course I would certainly NEVER torment her by saying it. Never. (ok, sometimes…) So I always think of her when I use it or write about it. I’m sure she’ll love this post. Hi, Mom!  Anyway, I looked at Mod Podge and decoupage projects until my eyes crossed and I can tell you with a reasonable degree of scientific certainty (not really) that 99% of the time people decoupage one of four things. Coasters, jars, pendants/jewelry, and shoes. Why shoes? I have NO idea! Can someone explain that to me???  But there are soooo many decoupaged shoe projects out there. It’s a mystery on par with aliens and who shot JFK… So today I’m bringing you 20 amazing and creative Mod Podge and decoupage projects that are the best of the best. And I promise, no coasters or shoes. Enjoy! (moist.)


header-dishwasher-safe-mod-podge-glasses-dreamalittlebiggerDishwasher Safe Drinking Glasses from Dream a Little Bigger

Painted Entryway Wood Cabinet | littleredwindow.comPainted Entryway Cabinet

decoupagehangers1Decoupage Clothes Hanger from Craft and Creativity

sprout-planter-9Geometric Planter from Sarah Hearts

DSC_0520-webStairwell Makeover from Plaster & Disaster

DIY Chalkboard Sign Makeover | littleredwindow.com | Makeover a $1 chalkoard into a cute sign for your entryway!Chalkboard Sign Makeover

homemademodpodge3Homemade Mod Podge from Homemade Hooplah

DIY-Confetti-Dipped-Balloons-600x900Confetti Dipped Balloons from Studio DIY

paper doily decoupage bottle 4Paper Doily Bottles from Craftiments

floral-decoupage-candle-titleDecoupage candles from Gathering Beauty

Subway-Art-without-WatermarkDIY Subway Art from Mod Podge Rocks

pennor10Decoupage Pencils from Craft and Creativity

dyed-clothespins-how-to-00Decoupaged and Dyed Clothespins from Madigan Made

Here are a few more great decoupage projects…

Decoupage Phone Case from Paper Mojo

Decoupaged Calendar from Recreational Decorator

Mini Chest of Drawers Makeover from Delicious and DIY

Personalized Photo Canvases from Burlap & Blue

Decoupage Clay Dishes from Sarah Johnson

Vintage Chair Makeover from The Sweet Escape

Color Coded Keys from Creme de la Craft

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