20 Fabulous DIY Dining Chair Makeovers

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Friends, I’m in need of some DIY Dining Chair makeovers.  Aa and I keep going back and forth about what we should do with our dining room chairs.

Right now we have an odd assortment of mismatched chairs, two we picked up in a parking lot and one the previous owners left in the garage (and a random folding chair, need to replace that). They’re all in need of a little love but we both kind of like the mismatched chair look.

As long as there is some unifying feature like color, mismatched works.  And aside from the fact that they don’t match, they’re all sturdy solid wood chairs. But then again, we’ve never bought nice matching dining room chairs and that seems like something grownups do, right?

And on the other hand again, do we really want super nice chairs when we have small children? Probably not.

So I think we’re leaning towards picking up another cheap random chair and re-doing them all  so they go together. DIY dining chair makeovers for the win!

Today I’m sharing some of my inspiration DIY Dining Chair Makeovers as I try and figure out my plan. Enjoy!20 Fabulous DIY Dining Chair Makeovers | littleredwindow.com


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