20 Crafts for Cat Lovers!

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If you’re new here, it’s been a long time since I talked about how right before we got married, Aa and I adopted a set of brother/sister kittens. They were matching gray striped kitties and they were the most adorable things ever. Add to that that one of them, the boy, loooooved to be petted. Which, if you’ve ever had a cat, you know is kind of unusual and pretty awesome. He was an attention hog. And then after we had O and found out about his peanut allergy, we had other allergy testing done and realized that oh, yeah, he’s allergic to cats. And suddenly all his asthma issues started making sense. So with broken hearts they went to live with some wonderful friends of ours. I haven’t been to see them for a while because it’s kind of tough for me but I really do still miss them alllll the time. So in honor of their 10th birthday I did I roundup of crafts for cat lovers. And hey, if you’re more of a dog person, take a look anyway, I’m sure you know at least one cat lover, you can make them a gift!20 Crafts for Cat Lovers! | littleredwindow.com

558e7be21a6c7ec2bdda30a2c69c0be7DIY Cat Rope Basket from Hello Glow

cat_pencil_case_diy_PCat Pencil Case from My White Idea DIY

Pretty Kitty Cat Hat Free Knitting Pattern! | littleredwindow.comPretty Kitty Cat Hat

Leather Cat Purse from A Beautiful Mess

calycatpot.pngDIY Clay Cat Pot from Blitsy Crafts

6a00d8358081ff69e201b8d0d78ed9970c-800wiColorblocked Scratching Post from A Beautiful Mess

catbookmarkpinDIY Cat Bookmark from One Artsy Mama

d002-cat-silhouette-painting-Dream-a-Little-Bigger2Cat Silhouette Painting from Dream A Little Bigger

Kitty Cat Birthday Party from Delia Creates

Kitty Pencil Toppers from  Lia Griffith

Kitty Face Stencil from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

And here are a few more cute Cat crafts…

Cardboard Cat House on Instructables

Homemade Cat Tower from Home Tree Atlas

Orange Tabby Mittens from Salty Crafts

Cat Toy Mouse Knitting Pattern from Claire Garland

Needle Felted Cat Sweater from See Kate Sew

Crocheted Cat Bed from Dabbles & Babbles

DIY Cat Stamped Tee from See Kate Sew

Painted Pet Food Bowls from Leigh Laurel Studios

DIY “Cat Nap” Eye Pillows from Adventures in Making

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