15 Fun and Interactive DIY Mobiles

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These cute and creative mobiles will add a fun touch to baby’s room!

15 Fun and Interactive DIY Nursery Mobiles | littleredwindow.com

You know one thing I have never actually made is a mobile! We used the same one we had in O’s room in Baby V’s nursery and I still love it. It’s made of  wood with tree branches and birds and feathers that spin slowly as the air moves around. I find it very relaxing.

And the fact that I’ve never made a mobile is kind of crazy because one of my most prized possessions is the last remaining piece of the butterfly mobile that hung over my crib when I was a baby.

My dad made all these little primary colored butterflies out of felt (they’re stuffed with cotton) and then apparently they loosely tied a ribbon from the mobile to my ankle so when I kicked the whole thing moved. Isn’t that a sweet story? And a bit of insight into where I get my make-it-yourself mentality!

But for some reason designing my own balanced moving pieces kind of scares me. Maybe that’s a challenge I should take on in 2016? After looking at all this gorgeous mobile inspiration it looks totally doable!

(Want more mobiles? Here are some more of my favorites…

White Quartz Crystal Mobile / Hot Air Balloon Mobile / Photo Mobile )

Anyway, to get me inspired to try something new (motion!) here are some gorgeous, fun and interactive DIY Mobiles! Enjoy!

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