15 Creative DIY Jewelry Organizers

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So after last week’s post on making your own jewelry, you probably all need somewhere to keep all those gorgeous things you made? right? Ok, well even if you didn’t make anything, I know I am always struggling with jewelry storage. I hate when my necklaces get tangled or earrings get lost and if I don’t carefully put things away then O likes to “look at” my jewelry. (And by “look at” I mean play with and generally make a mess!) So today I have a ton of awesome and gorgeous DIY Jewelry Organizers! Enjoy!

15 Creative DIY Jewelry Organizers you can make yourself! | littleredwindow.com

6a0120a61aa83a970c0154321d72e3970c-450wiPrinter’s Tray Jewelry Organizer from Create Celebrate Explore

accessoriesframeDIY Frame Earring Holder from Morning Creativity

IMG_9852_602x600DIY Jewelry Tree from My So Called Crafty Life

DIY Necklace Organizer from My Little Secrets

trinketdishholder_finished2_blog1Gold Leaf Trinket Dishes from Make and Tell

P1020108 copyDIY Embroidery Hoop Earring Holder from Sarita Creative

WatchStand3-e1419878061938DIY Watch Stand from The Merry Thought

RingDish3Sharpie Decorated Ring Dish from Pitter and Glink

DIY Jewelry Organizer from Monsters Circus

DIY-Industrial-Pipe-Jewelry-OrganizerIndustrial Pipe Jewelry Organizer from Making Home Base

DIY Jewelry Organizer from Eyes of Style

IMG_2666Leather and Twig Jewelry Organizer from The Merry Thought

jewelCoat Hanger Jewelry Organizer from Morning Creativity

DYI7Driftwood Necklace Holder from Visibly Moved

Greatful Prayer Thankful Heart Blog Jewelry necklace Organizer IMG_7096Jewelry Organizer Shelf from Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

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