Winter Feather Wreath

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(Last Updated On: December 3, 2014)

Make your own Wintry Paper Feather Wreath, it’s fluffly, sparkly, gorgeous and best of all, easy!

Wintry Paper Feather Wreath  |

Last year I made my Fluffly Pom Pom Snowflake Wreath and from that moment on I was a little bit obsessed with white and metallic holiday decor. It’s pretty and sophisticated and kind of neutral. I also love decorations that aren’t necessarily just for Christmas. Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas. Or maybe you want something that can stay up well past New Year’s so wintry decorations are perfect! I am so happy with how this wreath turned out! Here’s how I made it:

Winter Paper Feather Wreath

Foam wreath form

Gold spray paint

White cardstock

Gold acrylic craft paint

Small paintbrush

Hot glue gun

1. First I gave my foam wreath form a couple light coats of gold spray paint. Mine was green and I didn’t want any of the green to show through. And luckily, unlike last time, the paint did not dissolve the foam! hooray!Β Wintry Paper Feather Wreath  | 2. Next I cut out many feather shapes with my silhouette cameo. I’m pretty new to using it and I definitely had some problems with the cardstock ripping and wrinking around the intricate edges, but I found setting it on a lower blade depth and slower speed helped. Β Once I had a pile of white paper feathers, I used a small paintbrush to add some gold details. Some I gave a vein down the middle and others I did a simple gold outline around the edge of the feather. No need to be perfect here! (Shhh, don’t tell Aa I used his NFL catalog to protect my desk…)Wintry Paper Feather Wreath  | Wintry Paper Feather Wreath  | Wintry Paper Feather Wreath  | 3. When the paint was dry I simply hot glued the feathers to the wreath form in a clockwise direction. When it was done I LOVED it! It’s modern, sparkly, glam and sophisticated!Wintry Paper Feather Wreath  | Wintry Paper Feather Wreath  | Wintry Paper Feather Wreath  | Wintry Paper Feather Wreath  |



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32 thoughts on “Winter Feather Wreath

  1. Your feather wreath is so beautiful in it’s simplicity. The white and gold are timeless. How many feathers did you cut with your machine? I’d have to hand cut them all but guess it’ll have to wait til after our craft show on 12/13. Just no time to cut out all those leaves then do some finessing with paint. Wish there was as think it would be a great product for craft show .Maybe a gift to make for somebody after show.
    I love white and gold combo. So clean and glitzy. Keeping to simplistic seems to be my motto this year.
    WIll be pinning this so I can make it after show and give as well as enjoy myself. wish I had one of those nice fancy machines but don’t have time to learn how to use one. Love your wreath so much. Great job and inspiration.
    Happy season

  2. WOW! this is so gorgeous!! I just got a silhouette, so I’m learning, but I LOVE the idea of cutting out something like this!! WOW! thanks for linking up to the Create Link Inspire party!

  3. I love how simple and modern this is!! My cutter would be my hand so this’ll have to be a project for next year, pinning it for then πŸ™‚ And I’ll be featuring it tonight on On Display Thursday, thanks so much for sharing it!!

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