Simple Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging

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Make this cute and simple Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging in just a few easy steps!

Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging |

Well, when I declared Baby V’s nursery complete, it was done…ish. It looked great and was finished to anyone else who set foot in it, except for me. Because there were still one or two small projects that I wanted to add and didn’t quite have time (or energy) for before she was born. And this wall hanging was one of them. I totally fell head over heels in love with this fabric and I while I used it in Baby V’s quilt, I knew that for a while she would be too little to have a blanket in her crib and I still wanted another way to get that adorable-ness in her room. So I thought a fabric wall hanging would be perfect! And I was right, it turned out so cute and I ended up making it super simple too. Here’s how I did it!

Simple Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging

Cute cotton quilting fabric

1/2″ x 1/4″ sticks of craft Balsa wood (x4)


Hot glue gun

Water based stain in Walnut

1. First figure out where in the pattern is a good place to cut your fabric and measure the wall space where you will be hanging your nursery wall hanging to make sure it will fit. The repeat of  my fabric was too wide for the wall space so I decided to use a part that was about 15″ wide.  I cut each wood piece to 16″ so there would be a little extra on each side.Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging |

2. Then stain your wood. I used this great wipe on water based stain. I skipped staining the back side of each piece because you won’t see it. Then let it dry completely.Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging |

3. In the meantime cut your fabric to whatever size you want it. Mine was 15″ wide by about 13″ high. Make sure you also iron it well.Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging | Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging |

4. Next you want to finish the vertical sides so they don’t fray. I did this by folding them over about 1/4″ and gluing them. You could also use iron-on hem tape or even quickly sew them. I was just feeling lazy that day. Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging | Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging |

5. Then, lay one of the pieces of wood down stain side up, lay the top edge of the fabric on top and hot glue it in place. Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging | littleredwindow.com6. Then glue another piece of wood on top, sandwiching the fabric’s raw edge in between. Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging | littleredwindow.com7. Repeat along the bottom edge of the wall hanging.

8. Then flip the whole thing over to the back and secure a piece of twine with hot glue on the back at each end of the top wood piece.  This fabric wall hanging is super lightweight so hot glue was plenty strong. If you used a different kind of wood or heavy decor weight fabric, you might want to tie the twine on. Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging | littleredwindow.comAnd that’s it, your nursery wall hanging is ready to go. This is a quick and lightweight project, perfect for a baby or kid’s room and you can make yours completely unique by choosing whatever fabric you love!

Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging | Simple DIY Fabric Nursery Wall Hanging |

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