Free Printable Friday No. 12

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Print your own copy of this pretty watercolor free printable!

Be Joyful Today Free Printable Art! | littleredwindow.comHi Friends! We’re just getting back from a vacation and school is finally getting closer! I swear, in May it seemed like the summer was going to be sooooo long but it actually wasn’t too bad. I’m not quite ready for sweaters and pumpkin everything yet, but I’m getting there! In the meantime, I’m trying to enjoy having O home during the day. To be honest, I was positively dreading it. I was worried he’d be bored and he’d make a ton of messes and complain about staying home while Baby V napped but he’s been great. He spent the majority of the summer making “inventions”  and “projects” out of cardboard boxes and other recycled material which makes this DIY mama super proud! So I guess I learned a lesson. I’m just not sure if that lesson is, “expect the worst so you’re pleasantly surprised when things work out” OR “don’t underestimate your children”… Maybe a little of both? Ha! Anyway, I hope you like this week’s free printable. I’m loving the pretty watercolor background on this one! Enjoy! (And remember they’re for personal use only.)

Click HERE to download your free “Be Joyful Today” printable!

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