Old McDonald’s Farm Felt Board

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I had so much fun making the Apple Tree Felt Board for O (and I may or may not have had a mountain of extra felt leftover, I plead the 5th!) that I thought I’d make another. This time I went with a Farm theme because, at the time, he didn’t really have any farm themed toys and I love to at least try to come up with gender neutral play ideas. Anything to get away from trucks and trains ALL. THE. TIME!

But that’s beside the point, the idea is the same, cover a foam board with felt and then make cute little felt shapes that stick to the board through the magic of friction!  And like last time, the only supplies you really need are the foam board, felt, good sharp scissors and glue or a hot glue gun. He’s had this for about a year now, the animals are regularly stepped on, thrown around, shoved in random small places and they are still in good shape. I used hot glue and none of the pieces have come off or anything. So yay for cheapie recycled plastic “felt” from the craft store!

Anyway, here’s the Farm:

Old McDonald's Farm Felt Board by Little Red Window


The Barn and the Pond are both glued to the background. I thought about leaving them separate but that seemed like too many pieces.

After that it needed a happy yellow sun and of course, a fence, to keep the animals in:

Old McDonald's Farm Felt Board by Little Red Window


But wait, is there someone in the Barn??

Old McDonald's Farm Felt Board by Little Red WindowOink, oink!! Then of course, the Pig was lonely, so he needed some barnyard friends:

Old McDonald's Farm Felt Board Horse and Pig by Little Red WindowA horse…

Old McDonald's Farm Felt Board, Cow, Sheep, Duck by Little Red WindowAnd a cow, sheep and duck!

Old McDonald's Farm Felt Board by Little Red WindowO loves to play with this and it’s been really popular with his friends too!

Old McDonald's Farm Felt Board by Little Red Window



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