Last Minute New Year’s Eve Party Ideas!

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Get ready to celebrate the big night in style even if you waited til the last minute!Last Minute New Year's Eve Party Ideas! |


Last year I brought you a list of fabulous New Year’s free printables and this year I thought what would be better than a list of last minute party New Year’s Eve Party Ideas, supplies and decorations for those of us who didn’t plan ahead, waited til the last minute to make plans, hate party planning (that’s ok!) or were just plain too busy with other things?  I know that happens to me around this time of year, we have parties and we have to buy presents and teacher gifts and make cookies and suddenly the kids are home underfoot and before I know it, it’s almost New Year’s Eve and I have no babysitter and I am totally not ready. And so we usually play the kiddie New Year’s Eve countdown on Netflix at 7pm (did you know they have those?!) eat some takeout and go to bed by 10. And hope that next year we’ll have more energy. This whole parenting small children thing is no joke, I know you know what I mean if you have some!

Anyway, I found the key to survival with small kids and a to-do list that’s always a mile long is that magical thing called two day shipping. So step one to your last minute New Year’s Eve celebration is sign up for Amazon Prime or something similar (psst. there’s a free 30 day trial so this won’t cost you anything!)  And secondly, just let go of all ideals of perfection. It’s ok if your “party” is just your neighbors coming over with a bottle of sparking wine. It’ll still be fun! And then the second step is to let me do the googling for you. Pick some of these party supplies and decorations and you’ll be all set with only a few clicks. No one is ever going to know you waited til December 29th to plan anything. You’re welcome!

Here are my last minute new year’s eve party ideas & suggestions!

It doesn’t get any easier than a whole room party kit, does it? All the decorations together in one box (and they’re cute! and cheap!)

For something to do while you’re waiting for midnight, set up a little photobooth corner, all you need is a blank wall and some of these cute photo props! People can take the pics with their phones and you can add your own hashtag to share them! I call dibs on the sign that says, ” Kiss me now, midnight is past my bedtime!” Ha!

Or if you prefer silly costume props, grab this set that comes with tons of goofy glasses, mustaches, hats and ties that you can hold up for photos. I can’t even believe how many there are! These would be my pick!

If you do want a background for your photo “booth” this gold fringe curtain is perfect for New Year’s (and it’s cheap)!

Want people to think you spent tons of time planning your party? Get a set of these cute paper straws and straw toppers and you’ll have them all fooled! It’s the little touches, people!

These New Year’s popcorn boxes might be the cutest things ever. Fill them with microwave popcorn and it’s another little touch that will make people think you spent tons of time planning…

These cute New Year’s wine bottle labels are so fun!

One of the problems with last minute get togethers is that your guest list can be a little…random. If you’ve got people coming who don’t know each other and you’re worried about conversations being awkward, get a set of these fun New Year’s resolutions hats. That will definitely give everyone something to talk about! (Psst, got any single friends? Maybe you can matchmake based on their resolutions!)

As host or hostess, you should probably have the fanciest New Year’s headpiece, don’t you think? Here’s a fabulous tiara for her and a top hat for him!

You may hate me the next day, but nothing is more fun than confetti poppers. I apologize in advance for the mess.

It’s not New Year’s Eve without those annoyingly loud party blowers. Bonus points, kids love them!

Not a fan of blowers? How about party horns?!

New Year’s Eve Party Beads!

Who doesn’t need a New Year’s “chandelier”? No one, I tell you, no one!

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