My Favorite Sweater Knitting Patterns for Babies

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If you like to knit for babies, you’ll love these sweater patterns!My all-time favorite knitting patterns for babies! |

I was cleaning out my knitting bag recently, and I came across a handful of baby sweaters that I had knit without a particular owner in mind. Good timing, because now I have someone right here at home who can wear them! You might ask, Cassie, why did you knit baby sweaters without someone to give them to? Well, I have two patterns that I love to knit and because baby sweaters are small, they’re a good way to use up random leftover yarn. And I was tired of hats. So these were all space fillers in between larger knitting projects where I just wanted an easy knit and to use up some of my stash. And hey, they make great baby shower gifts (or hint hint, Christmas is coming!)

The first of my favorite patterns is the Kumfy™ Schlüttli sweater. This one’s not free but it’s worth it because it comes with great instructions and multiple styles to knit within one pattern. I found this when I was looking for a pattern with raglan sleeves and buttons near the neck and it fit the bill perfectly. Another nice thing about this pattern is that it’s unisex, you can easily make it gender neutral, or for boys or girls depending on your color and button choices! My all-time favorite knitting patterns for babies! | littleredwindow.comYou can use buttons all the way down like I did here, so it’s essentially a cardigan. Or you can add them just at the neck so it’s a pullover like I did in this version below that I knitted for O when he was younger. My all-time favorite knitting patterns for babies! | My all-time favorite knitting patterns for babies! | littleredwindow.comOmg, look at the chubby cheeks!

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My second favorite version, I think, is a internet wide favorite. I have seen many versions of this sweet sweater. It’s called the In Threes Baby Cardigan and there’s a reason it’s so popular. For one thing, it’s adorable.My all-time favorite knitting patterns for babies! | But for another, it’s all one piece! No sleeves to to add or pick up stitches for! No seams at the end! Yay! That makes it a really good pattern for beginners. If you’ve never knit a sweater before, it’s a great starter.My all-time favorite knitting patterns for babies! | littleredwindow.comThere’s also not a lot of complicated counting and only three buttonholes which are easy to add. Plus you get to pick out fun buttons!My all-time favorite knitting patterns for babies! | littleredwindow.comNow, this one is definitely for girls, but luckily, I have someone at home now to wear it! My all-time favorite knitting patterns for babies! | littleredwindow.comAnd, of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Baby Bunting Cardigan which I’ve shared with you before.Stripey Baby Bunting Cardigan | | Adorable sweater perfect for a new baby and a pattern review!But come one, it’s so darn cute (and this pattern is FREE)!

So those are my all-time favorite sweater patterns, I hope, if you’ve got a little one to knit for, you’ll try one of them out and let me know how it goes! Do you have a favorite that I haven’t listed here?


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9 thoughts on “My Favorite Sweater Knitting Patterns for Babies

  1. I’m going to buy the Kumfi Schluttli pattern too, so cute. My favourite is this pattern. It’s gorgeous on my 18 month old granddaughter. I made it with long sleeves, in teal with gold buttons. I left out the sequins. Now I just have to try and figure out how to make it in bigger sizes … 🤔

    1. Of course certain types of fiber is more likely to pill (acrylic for example), but I would look up the yarn on an online shopping site (maybe amazon) and read some reviews from people who’ve used it! 🙂

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