Jelly Bean Easter Bunny

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Make this adorable Jelly Bean Easter Bunny with just a few supplies!

Jelly Bean Easter Bunny! |

So I found this adorable wood bunny shape at Michaels the other day. (of course they don’t have it online, annoying!) Anyway, it’s hollow and I grabbed it and then started daydreaming what I could fill it with to put out on the mantle or buffet for Easter. I had a whole bunch of ideas but the most fun thing I could think of was jelly beans! So that’s what I did. This is a really easy DIY for you but it turned out sooo cute!

And if you follow me on instagram, you already know my advice on the matter, but if not, here’s a PRO TIP: If you’re crafting with jelly beans and you don’t want your 5 year old to notice, my advice is to NOT spill half the bag onto the hardwood floor. It’s not quiet. (And that’s the story of how O had jelly beans for breakfast last weekend…) Anyway, moving on…

Jelly Bean Easter Bunny

Hollow wood bunny shape (I can’t find the exact one online, but you could totally use this adorable cookie cutter with some cardboard on the back!)

acrylic craft paint

Jelly beans (that’s our favorite peanut free brand, yay for good labeling!)

Hot glue gun

1. Ok, the first step is to paint your Easter Bunny Shape. I made mine pink on the front face and purple on the edges. I painted the inside edge as well in case you could see it.Jelly Bean Easter Bunny! | Jelly Bean Easter Bunny! | littleredwindow.com2. When that’s dry, start gluing in the jelly beans. I chose hot glue because it dries to quickly, but the downside is that you also have to work really fast. I would imagine a regular craft glue would also work well, it would just have a much longer drying time. It’s up to you.

I wanted the bunny shape completely filled so I ended up with three layers of jelly beans. This thing ended up being surprisingly heavy! (Aa asked why I didn’t fill it with foam or something else first so that I only needed one layer of jelly beans? The answer is that you can definitely see between the beans and I didn’t want some other material poking through.)

Jelly Bean Easter Bunny! | A word of warning, if you plan to keep this decoration for more than one year, you definitely want to store in a very airtight container so it doesn’t attract bugs or mice or anything else!

And that’s it, display out of reach of your children! ha! Happy Easter!

Jelly Bean Easter Bunny! | Jelly Bean Easter Bunny! |

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