Ice Cream Hat Knitting Pattern

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Knit an adorable Ice Cream Hat complete with sprinkles and a cherry on top for your little sweetie!

Ice Cream Cone Hat Knitting Pattern, this adorable pattern has a waffle cone brim, delicious vanilla scoop and is topped with sprinkles and a cherry, perfect to knit for your sweet baby or toddler!

Note: I’ve updated this pattern (6/18/19) but I’m leaving the original photos below because elbow dimples. And wrist rolls. And cheeks!

Knit an adorable Ice Cream Hat with this FREE knitting pattern! (complete with sprinkles and a cherry on top!) |

Do you guys want to know one of the lamest things about having a kid with a peanut allergy? You just really cannot find safe ice cream. The vast majority of the ones in the store either contain nuts or were made on the same equipment as nut flavors. This cutie loves her ice cream cone hat!

And forget going to an ice cream store. I mean think about it, you know those gross water containers they stick the scoops in? They use the same scoops for all the flavors and then stick them in that water. Which means every single ice cream flavor is contaminated. And that doesn’t even start to get into what happens with toppings!Don't forget to top your ice cream cone hat with sprinkle stitches and a knit cherry!

So we really can only make our own. Which is a pain.  So in an effort to enjoy a little delicious ice cream, without all the calories, I churned (see what I did there?) out this adorable ice cream hat complete with waffle cone base, sprinkles and a cherry on top!

Yummy! Baby V likes her ice cream hat!The ice cream cone hat knitting pattern has a great textured waffle cone brim!

Looking for the pattern? Here's how it works: This pattern is available for free in one size right here on my site (keep scrolling down). Or you can purchase an upgraded PDF pattern that is ad-free and easy to print in just one or two nicely formatted pages. The PDF printable also contains instructions for additional sizes including 0-3 months, 6 months, 12 months and 2T+! You can purchase the PDF patterns either via Etsy or Ravelry. There is a very small fee for the PDF version and this helps me keep Little Red Window running! Thank you so much for loving my patterns!

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Or download the PDF pattern from Ravelry here:
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Ice Cream Hat Knitting Pattern Supply List

( 6 month size, see PDF version for other sizes!)

This pattern is copyright Little Red Window Design 2017 and is intended for personal use. You may not not distribute, reproduce or sell this pattern either physically or digitally.

US 7 16″ circular knitting needles

US 7 double pointed knitting needles

Worsted weight yarn in tan

Worsted weight yarn in white

Worsted weight yarn in red

Scraps of yarn in various sprinkle colors

Yarn needle

(If you need help, my favorite knitting reference book for everyone from beginners to advanced knitters is THIS ONE!)

Ice Cream Hat Knitting Pattern Instructions:

Using long-tail cast on, cast on 64 stitches onto your circular needles with the tan yarn color. Join to knit in the round and knit 2 stitches, purl 2 stitches in a rib stitch for 2 rows. Then for rows 3 & 4: p2, k2 stitches in a rib stitch. Finally for rows 5 & 6 switch back to a k2, p2 rib stitch. Then switch to the white yarn and knit all rows until the hat is about 4 1/2 inches long.

Decrease (divide your stitches evenly between 3 double pointed needles or use magic loop):

Round 1: (k6, k2tog) repeat to the end of the round

Round 2: knit all stitches

Round 3: (k5, k2tog) repeat to the end of the round

Round 4: knit all stitches

Round 5: (k4, k2tog) repeat to the end of the round

Round 6: knit all stitches

Round 7: (k3, k2tog) repeat to the end of the round 

Round 8: knit all stitches

Round 9: (k2, k2tog) repeat to the end of the round 

Round 10: knit all stitches

Round 11: (k1, k2tog) repeat to the end of the round 

Round 12: k2tog and repeat to the end of the round 

Round 13: Knit 1, k2tog, k2, k2tog, k1 (6 stitches left).

Switch to red yarn to knit the cherry.

Round 1: knit all stitches

Round 2: kfb for each stitch (12 stitches total).

Rounds 3-5: knit all stitches

Round 6: k2tog for all stitches (6 stitches left).

Cut yarn, pull through loops and close. Weave in ends.

To add the sprinkles

To add the sprinkles, I used a yarn needle and doubled yarn to stitch each sprinkle. I chose 4 different colors and they are placed randomly over the top of the hat just like real sprinkles would be. You can add as many as you like, just knot and weave in the ends inside the hat when you’re finished!


The ice cream cone hat knitting pattern is fun for kids to wear!
Knit an adorable Ice Cream Hat with this FREE knitting pattern! (complete with sprinkles and a cherry on top!) |


Knit an adorable Ice Cream Hat with this FREE knitting pattern! (complete with sprinkles and a cherry on top!) |

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  1. I just purchased the .pdf via Paypal. On “thanks for your order” this message appears – This page has expired. To claim your order, click the “view order” link from your receipt.

    I have the Paypal receipt but there is no “view order” on the receipt. Nothing to click. How do I get the .pdf?

    1. IF you purchased through Etsy, there’s a download button on your purchases page (but you have to be on a desktop computer NOT mobile) and if you purchased on Ravelry, the pattern is stored in your Ravelry pattern library and you can download it there! 🙂

  2. Hi- am attempting this hat! Can I use magic loop method instead of DPNs? Have only used with even numbers and consistent pattern. Thank you!

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