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Hi, welcome to Little Red Window!

I’m Cassie, mom to one extremely cute and very busy toddler, DIY addict, artist, and former architectural illustrator.

Me and aforementioned very busy toddler

Despite the fact that my father is an excellent writer I don’t generally put that high on my list of skills.  (Unless you want an analytical paper about art history or architecture, then I’m your girl!) But writing for an audience? Actually, doing anything for an audience? Maybe not my forte. That being said, maybe some of you have experienced this, when you’re the kind of person who routinely gives hand-made gifts and/or is a reasonably good cook, you hear two things A LOT.  #1: You should have an etsy store! ( I do! I do!)  and #2: You should have a blog!  (I guess I do! I do!)  So here I am. What will I write about?  I guess I’ll go with “write what you know”: crafts, art, cooking, books, architecture, life with a toddler, and how we cope with life threatening food allergies in our home (got serious on you there, didn’t I?  There can never be enough good information out there about food allergies!)

Another thing not so high on my list of skills? photography.  I always take a hundred pictures and hope one of them is ok.  My husband is one of those people who never uses our fancy camera and then picks it up, and in terrible lighting, manages to get the perfect, composed photo.  How does he DO that?!   I am always working on learning to use my DSLR better, I actually used to work with animated computer simulated cameras at work, but I’m still no expert. I will however, claim to be pretty good at instagram. So I’ll probably use a lot of instagram. sorry. (not really sorry.)

Anyway, thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon!

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