20 Gorgeous DIY Lampshades

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I’m pretty picky when it comes to most things in our house. But lampshades are one of those things I’ve never really paid a ton of attention to. I mean, besides if it’s roughly the right size and shape for the base. I didn’t notice them, that is, UNTIL then I ended up with a lampshade I hate. And now all of a sudden, lampshades seem much more important. And this shade is not even that bad. But I bought this awesome mercury glass lamp base. I brought it home from the store with a white shade and it just didn’t look right because of the warm undertones in the glass. So I sent my husband back to the store to exchange it with the off-white version of the same shade. We unwrapped it, put it on and it looked fine. Until we turned it on and it was so much more yellow than I was expecting. And also it had some weird stitching inside that you couldn’t see when the lamp is off but was super obvious when it’s on. But we unwrapped it and threw out the receipt and so I’ve been stuck with this lampshade I hate. So today I was looking for inspiration on ways I could maybe make it over. And I found some amazing projects! Enjoy!

20 Gorgeous DIY Lampshades | littleredwindow.com

ombre-lampshade[7]_thumb[1]Yarn Ombre Lampshade from Vintage Revivals

Silhouette Reading Lamp from Chica and Jo

Lampshade Makeover from Eryn with a Y

Shabby Chic Rosette Lampshade from Simply Ciani

fall-entryway-upcycledtreasuresEasy Lampshade Update from Upcycled Treasures

LP5-3Pottery Barn Inspired Lampshade from Simply Ciani

OlamptitlenewFabric Lampshade Makeover from Pitter and Glink

IMG_4841No Sew Lampshade with Covered Buttons from Make It & Love It

Glitter Lampshade from Pippa Armbrester

DIY Woven Basket Lampshade from Fall for DIY for homedit

DIY lampshade 8 (1)DIY Lampshade made from scratch! from Ohoh Blog

001-Tin-Punch-Lamp-Dream-A-Little-BiggerModern Tin Punch Lampshade from Dream a Little Bigger

Spray Painted Lace Lampshade from Stay at Home Artist

Paint Stick Lampshade from Enjoying the Simple Things

Ombre Hair Dye Lampshade from Paper Buttons

Peekaboo Lampshade Makeover from Pretty Ditty

French Chic Lamp from Young Wifey

Wood Grain Lampshade 030[3]Wood Grain Glitter Lampshade from Vintage Revivals

DIY-Sweater-covered-lampshadeSweater Covered Lampshade from A Cultivated Nest

6a00d8358081ff69e20168e8948796970c-800wiDoily Covered Lampshade from A Beautiful Mess

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